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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-06-27 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-13).

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91727 tokens ‧ 66453 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 8602 types ‧ 24 (~ 0.279%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. antiprogress
  2. bandhood
  3. boiseries *
    • 2008 June 27, Wendy Moonan, “Housecleaning on a Grand Scale”, New York Times:
      After World War II Élie de Rothschild bought the house and installed some 18th-century boiseries from his wife’s family house on the Place Vendôme.
  4. broodingest
    • 2008 June 27, The New York Times, “Pop and Rock Listings”, New York Times:
      THE GUTTER TWINS (Tuesday) Two of the broodingest singers in alternative rock, Greg Dulli (of the Afghan Whigs) and Mark Lanegan (of Screaming Trees) are the Gutter Twins, groaning through their debut album, “Saturnalia” (Sub Pop), as if answering a dare to the make the most aimlessly depressive record ever.
  5. cashlike
    • 2008 June 27, Gretchen Morgenson, “Suit Claims UBS Misled Investors”, New York Times:
      “They wanted to reduce their inventory, so they decided to gear up their sales campaign using cashlike arguments deliberately.”
  6. eyelike
  7. ginga
  8. golflike
    • 2008 June 27, Wendy Moonan, “Housecleaning on a Grand Scale”, New York Times:
      To portray court pastimes, there are backgammon boards, musical instruments and works of art: a hand scroll depicting women playing a golflike game and a hanging scroll with demonstrations of equestrian skills.
  9. lacquerwares
    • 2008 June 27, Wendy Moonan, “Housecleaning on a Grand Scale”, New York Times:
      It includes 240 items made in China between 1368 and 1644 (paintings, textiles, porcelain, lacquerwares, furniture and sculpture).
  10. maternalists
    • 2008 June 27, David Brooks, “The Sam’s Club Agenda”, New York Times:
      Self-conscious maternalists like Eleanor Roosevelt and Frances Perkins ensured that New Deal programs were biased in favor of traditional two-parent families.
  11. midround
  12. miragelike
    • 2008 June 27, Roberta Smith, “Cascades, Sing the City Energetic”, New York Times:
      Sometimes Mr. Eliasson’s falls are almost miragelike, especially after dark, when unobtrusive lighting makes them shimmer white against the muffled cityscape.
  13. noncredible
    • 2008 June 27, Sam Wang And Sandra Aamodt, “Your Brain Lies to You”, New York Times:
      A false statement from a noncredible source that is at first not believed can gain credibility during the months it takes to reprocess memories from short-term hippocampal storage to longer-term cortical storage.
  14. nonrecyclable
    • 2008 June 27, Sarah Lyall, “Take Out the Trash Precisely, Now. It’s the Law.”, New York Times:
      They require that garbage be put out only at strict times, reject whole boxes of recyclables that contain the odd nonrecyclable item and employ enforcement officers who issue warnings and impose fines for failure to comply.
  15. propellerlike
    • 2008 June 27, Ken Johnson, “A Trip Through the Revolving Doors of Perception”, New York Times:
      It does not spin, but it has four hinged, motorized walls that open and close like giant butterfly wings, imparting a slight illusion of propellerlike rotation.
  16. reorgs
  17. simulacrums
    • 2008 June 27, Mike Hale, “With 3 You Get Egg Roll and a Side of Adventure”, New York Times:
      At the same time, though, there are any number of American cartoons, from “The Powerpuff Girls” to “SpongeBob SquarePants” to the one true American anime, “The Boondocks,” that show a love for the style and rhythms of Asian animation without being fanboy simulacrums of Asian culture.
  18. stigmatalike
    • 2008 June 27, Roberta Smith, “Reflections Through a Surrealistic Eye: Dalí and the Camera”, New York Times:
      The cluster of scurrying ants — like that stream from the stigmatalike wound in another hand in the film — recur throughout the exhibition, migrating across faces, gathering in corners, exploring bodily orifices.
  19. ultrapermanent
    • 2008 June 27, Billie Cohen, “Water, Soap and Open Air”, New York Times:
      PVC, the hard plastic polymer polyvinyl chloride, “is not a long-term, ultrapermanent material,” he said.
  20. unclassically
  21. unsmilingly
  22. vocalese
    • 2008 June 27, Nate Chinen, “Jazz Listings”, New York Times:
      JON HENDRICKS: L, H & R REDUX (Thursday) The initials stand for Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, a sparklingly hip and widely influential singing team that brought vocalese to the masses half a century ago. Mr. Hendricks, its lyrical engine, resurrects the formula with his daughter (Aria Hendricks) and a would-be inheritor (Kevin Burke).


  1. broder *
  2. deir