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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-12-25 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. aaahing: Will it be a genuine hit or will the recipient, oohing and aaahing with suspiciously loud enthusiasm, really be feigning the ecstasy of giftgasm
  2. bayfront: — Herbert Sandler, June 2005 SAN FRANCISCO — Herbert Sandler, the founder of the Center for Responsible Lending, is standing in his bayfront office watching a DVD that trains brokers to pitch mortgages by extolling the glories of the real estate boom
  3. bellinis: At Simon Pearce, he found the Barre, a stemless hand-blown glass ideal for Champagne cocktails, mimosas or bellinis
  4. bluesman: Or the many nights when the couple piled into their car and drove a writer out to a juke joint in Chulahoma, Miss., owned by the bluesman Junior Kimbrough, who died in 1998
  5. cartoonish: One critic called it the “My Little Pony” collection, a reference to a finale dress that had a cartoonish rainbow ribbon splashed across one side, as if it were magic
  6. cosmogram: Nineteenth century corncob cosmogram set on the dirt floor, beneath the slant roof, left intact the afternoon that someone came and told those slaves “We’re free.”
  7. cyberdefense: Simm lacked access to critical streams of information, including plans for a NATO cyberdefense center based in Estonia, the identity of Estonian and foreign intelligence agents and details about plans for missile defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic
  8. deductibility: Besides, Congress stripped away the deductibility of personal travel for executives in 2004 by allowing companies to deduct from taxes only the rough amount of a first-class ticket, far less than private jet travel costs
  9. disperses: Champagne glasses come in many shapes and sizes: A saucer, called a coupe in France and often used there at weddings and other celebrations, disperses bubbles quickly from its shallow bowl
  10. feistiness: No apologies, and a little feistiness
  11. fetishizing: Said contended that the West had spent centuries romanticizing and fetishizing the cultures and peoples of Islam as a tool of the West’s own political and military hegemony
  12. forgottenness: Das Loch der vergessenheit: the hole of forgottenness
  13. granddaddies: Metzger worked for 18 years at Paloma Partners, one of the granddaddies of the hedge fund industry, and he likes to remind people that more hedge funds blow up because of poor administrative controls than poor investments
  14. guestbook: The novelists Nick McDonell and the journalist Nicholas Dawidoff were recent guests; the full guestbook is slightly longer than Joyce’s “Ulysses” and includes such literary lions as Richard Ford , Ann Patchett , Alexander McCall Smith, Donna Tartt and Madison Smartt Bell
  15. gunslinging: So, every time he returned, convinced that he was still his old gunslinging self
  16. jerrycans: They then grabbed jerrycans and made several trips to a nearby gas station for fuel, which they dumped on the cargo trucks and Humvees before setting them ablaze
  17. nonbank: The Fed’s decision was at least the sixth time in the last few months that it has moved quickly to let nonbank lenders, which rely on credit markets for funds, become bank holding companies
  18. noncore: Under pressure from investors to sell noncore assets in recent years, executives of the Times Company have said repeatedly that they were open to selling the stake, but only on the right terms
  19. oohing: Will it be a genuine hit or will the recipient, oohing and aaahing with suspiciously loud enthusiasm, really be feigning the ecstasy of giftgasm
  20. overinvestment: amid accusations that it failed to foresee and prevent the collapse of one major financial institution after another as a result of risky overinvestment in mortgage-backed securities
  21. overmatched: After assuring the overmatched guards they would not be killed — if they agreed never to work there again — the militants shouted “God is great” through bullhorns
  22. platforming: It is perhaps 2008’s archetypal platforming game, built around jumping, climbing, leaping, running along walls and even attaining the illusion of flight in moments of balletic grace
  23. posada: Each night’s procession, called a posada, has led townspeople, marching to the strains of a brass band, to a different home
  24. postrace: “Look, after 1998 I certainly thought very hard about it postrace, along the lines of: I’ve got a wife and three kids
  25. prebankruptcy: The Tribune Company , the publisher of The Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune, asked a judge for approval to pay prebankruptcy and future contributions to union pension plans.
  26. proseccos: Devulder prefers crystal for vintage and high-end Champagnes, he said that glass is a great choice for proseccos and other sparkling wines
  27. retitling: • To the Editor: I enjoyed reading Wendell Jamieson’s essay on the classic “It’s a Wonderful Life,” retitling it as something less glowing and much more appropriate to the tougher times most of us have this Christmas holiday when many more banks are failing than were in Bedford Falls
  28. revelers: Vargas have fed and entertained the revelers
  29. ruffing: And it sounds as if South will be taking tricks by ruffing
  30. semiautonomous: Macao, a former Portuguese colony and China’s other semiautonomous territory, has the only other Roman Catholic diocese in China
  31. shearling: We liked a Fargo denim jacket with a faux shearling lining ($39) and a Snappy Pocket Parka with a removable hood trimmed in faux fur ($39) but settled for a light blue fleece Snuggle Suit, also $39
  32. signee: “They were fascinated that a kid of that ability level wouldn’t be a traditional high school signee kid,” said Duda, who played five seasons in the N.F.L
  33. skeered: “Ah’m tired of livin’/An’ skeered of dyin’,”
  34. speechlike: Lionheart proposed a natural, speechlike cadence that ensures the melody’s responsiveness to the text
  35. superbeings: Fox acquired rights to the “Watchmen” graphic novel in the late 1980s for the producer Lawrence Gordon, but eventually dropped its own plan to make a movie from its story, about the underside of life for superbeings
  36. superbright: The multimedia gadget includes a touch screen display in a 16:9 format that uses superbright AMOLED (active matrix organic light emitting diode) technology, which is doing to conventional display technology what the CD did to FM radio
  37. unbilled: Most contained notes of gratitude for unbilled services
  38. underruff: South cashed his winners in that suit and won the 13th trick with dummy’s club ace, East having to underruff with his jack
  39. unharmonized: Its settings are homophonic; the music is a single, unharmonized line


  1. giftgasm: protologism
  2. pomponne: not clear what this could possibly mean