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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-12-27 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. antipiracy
    Stratfor, a private intelligence agency based in the United States, said in a report that a Chinese antipiracy patrol would afford its navy “some very real opportunities for on-the-job training, covering everything from logistics far from home and combat against seaborne opponents to communications and joint operations with other, more experienced navies
  2. biscotti
    The company was born in 1932 when Joseph Kresivich, a native of Trieste, Italy, began using Italian baking methods to make cookies, biscuits, biscotti and breadsticks
  3. bluebloods
    “The bluebloods sneer at him,” she said, “but that doesn’t prevent them from wanting what he has
  4. cartable
    But if drinking and dining have always been a moveable feast in New York, is charisma cartable
  5. divey
    Steve Chahalis, a large, bearded, 47-year-old fourth-generation barkeep, excitedly showed off the extravagantly divey, subterranean domain of his future saloon: the former Evelyn Lounge at Columbus Avenue and 78th Street in Manhattan
  6. flexors
    “You’ve got your quadriceps, which is really four muscles, and you’ve got your hamstring muscles, you’ve got your adductors, you’ve got your hip flexors at the top, you go from there
  7. jammie
    The days when passengers wore actual clothing instead of jammie pants, tank tops and shorts
  8. laydown
    North-South rested in five spades, with grand slams in spades and clubs laydown
  9. mutterings
    D’Antoni’s postgame mutterings were probably less suitable, if equally understandable
  10. outrageousness
    Corddry wrote the 10-episode series and brings to it the same outrageousness he contributed to “The Daily Show,” but without the news of the day to play against, his humor sometimes feels crass and/or desperate
  11. padel
    First, in late November, I found myself courtside in balmy Mar del Plata, Argentina, as four middle-aged men traded lobs and overheads while playing a sport called padel
  12. pharma
    How much money did your friends in pharma give you
  13. pondlike
    We motored along the misty sloughs to a pondlike bay in a county park
  14. pooler
    As Philip Rucker of The Washington Post, Friday’s newspaper pooler, was soon reporting from a van rushing to catch up, “President-elect Barack Obama left his vacation home with daughters Malia and Sasha about 11:45 a.m
  15. preinauguration
    HONOLULU — In the news-free zone that is Barack Obama ’s preinauguration Hawaiian vacation, this passes for a bulletin: The president-elect ditched his “press pool” of media minders to take his daughters to a water park on Friday morning.
  16. prepresidential
    Obama drew attention both to the seemingly odd but important rituals of the presidential (and prepresidential) bubble and to just how much this very private public man chafes under its constraints
  17. procedurals
    Waugh’s interviews with detectives, it is regarded as one of the best early police procedurals: a taut, terse, just-the-facts record of crime detection in which no clues are withheld from the reader
  18. psychostimulants
    Cognitive enhancement — a practice typified by the widely reported abuse of psychostimulants by college students cramming for exams, and by the less reported but apparently growing use of mind-boosters like Provigil among in-the-know scientists and professors — goes against the grain of some of our most basic beliefs about fairness and meritocracy
  19. quadricep
    does not require teams to indicate which part of the thigh — generally the hamstring (back) or quadricep (front) — why not keep the opponent guessing
  20. storewide
    Kearney consulting company, said the storewide discounting that took place this holiday season was a result of retailers’ being blindsided by an economy that was far worse than they had anticipated
  21. striper
    That is important information if you want to get your fly in the face of a striper
  22. superdetectives
    “I was tired of reading about these superdetectives and a police force composed of a bunch of bumbling idiots,” he told an interviewer in 1990
  23. superspecial
    It is strikingly similar to that of the brokers and the financiers who built lucrative legal businesses convincing investors that something — Internet stocks, American homes, Dutch tulips — would appreciate forever for some superspecial reason
  24. ultrathick
    Using ultrathick insulation and complex doors and windows, the architect engineers a home encased in an airtight shell, so that barely any heat escapes and barely any cold seeps in
  25. underthrown
    During the Jets’ recent 1-3 slide, Favre has repeatedly missed and underthrown receivers on his way to a single touchdown pass and six interceptions