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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2008-12-28 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. blinkingly
    But before John List reappeared in the form of Robert Clark, he reappeared blinkingly in other forms across the country
  2. chapkas
    Rather than victims wearing yellow stars, here were fighters in fur chapkas brandishing submachine guns
  3. charmless
    Rather than trying to disguise its bulk in a shiny, frilly sheath, Black Rock displays the muscle that is every tower’s birthright, and the masses who find it charmless are just plain wrong
  4. clubgoers
    � People said she had conquered Russia with Champagne; soon, London clubgoers simply asked for a bottle of “the Widow
  5. concertolike
    Martin Chalifour, concertmaster of the Los Angeles Philharmonic , performs the eerie concertolike solo in “Welcome to Rapture,” part of Garry Schyman’s score for BioShock
  6. consortiums
    In the nonprofit sector even smallish plays must now be produced by consortiums
  7. cottoned
    Cold-blooded blogs during the last year have dished about Polaroid’s leaky developers and the impossibility of making copies from instant film prints or of fiddling with them, which, by the way, was precisely why police photographers long ago cottoned to them for crime scenes and mug shots
  8. curanderas
    With his wife he went to Mexico to sample psychedelics at their practical source, as administered by the curanderos and curanderas of the Sierra Mazateca
  9. curanderos
    With his wife he went to Mexico to sample psychedelics at their practical source, as administered by the curanderos and curanderas of the Sierra Mazateca
  10. datelined
    The article was datelined Mexico City,
  11. demotee
    In another interview, Carlin said that his early aspirations for mainstream success had blinded him to the original outlaw within himself — the kid who’d been ejected from summer camp, the high-school dropout, the Air Force demotee
  12. devadasis
    So could that of a village neighbor named Bharati, a girl born into a family of devadasis, courtesans dedicated to a temple, who at mid-century becomes a film star
  13. deveined
    1 pound medium shrimp, peeled and deveined
  14. diethylamide
    Most famously, of course, Hofmann’s ergot experiments synthesized D-lysergic acid diethylamide tartrate, LSD
  15. dizzyingly
    So Garber’s range of references encompasses a dizzyingly diverse cast of characters, from political pundits to gurus of the business world, from theoreticians known mostly to academics to the British rock band Dire Straits
  16. domes
    Shiite families from across Iraq traditionally visit the shrine, with its shimmering twin golden domes, on Saturdays
  17. earthlings
    The short-lived spoof, a 1977-78 midseason replacement that set its satiric sites on “Star Trek” more than “Star Wars” and lasted only eight episodes on NBC , starred Richard Benjamin as Adam Quark, an intergalactic garbage man heading up an outlandishly diverse crew of earthlings and aliens
  18. ebonized
    There are also classic pieces by 20th-century architects, including a chrome and glass table by Eileen Gray and a steel and ebonized mahogany bench by Pierre Chareau, the celebrated French architect
  19. fablelike
    The narrative, with its episodic chapters and fablelike tone, follows Huttunen’s interactions with an amused eye
  20. flackery
    The biggest buildings rise in a swirl of jargon and flackery, which she always pointedly ignores
  21. gleamingly
    � MacGraw, the “Love Story” star, is in the impressive company of gleamingly illustrious intellectual eminences like Freud and Marx, not to mention respected literary critics from Hazlitt to Foucault
  22. growlier
    As Dionne’s hits piled up, “Dionne’s sister” practically became a prefix to Dee Dee’s name, and Dee Dee’s performances grew growlier, almost as if she were expressing her frustration at her relative anonymity
  23. hairspray
    I think he believed even a spritz of hairspray would deaden his brain cells (and who’s to say he was wrong
  24. hypothermic
    As a senior at Stanford he braved frigid waters to reach Alcatraz Island, unrolled a “Beat Cal” banner to taunt his school’s rival in the coming Big Game and then swam six hours back, becoming hypothermic
  25. imperfectability
    Polaroids, reflecting our imperfectability, reminded us by contrast of our humanity
  26. intoxicatedlike
    This reads in part: “At home I lay down and sank into a not unpleasant intoxicatedlike condition, characterized by an extremely stimulated imagination
  27. intrafamilial
    Unsettling details accumulate and spill over into abrupt acts of intrafamilial aggression: a boy suddenly muffling his sister into silence, a daughter violently jerking her mother’s wheelchair
  28. juvenility
    Elder was a master of an art beloved by kids and despised by their parents for its almost-criminal juvenility
  29. kerchiefed
    The sugarplums dancing in the children’s heads were Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell , and when the narrator of the tale settled down for his nap, he did so with a tall iced nightcap and six bottles of hooch scattered around his bed, alongside a sexy mama kerchiefed like a belly dancer
  30. kykeon
    Hofmann believed that one of the components of the sacred kykeon, the potion distributed to adepts, was a barley extract containing ergot
  31. lawyerly
    Kennedy was all business and seemed in a more lawyerly frame of mind
  32. licensers
    As music sales dwindle, licensers become a far more influential target audience
  33. midflight
    Cooper, certainly not his real name — lowered the aft stairs midflight and jumped out
  34. midrise
    Astoria contained plenty of midrise buildings, which is what they wanted
  35. nonpassive
    Winston, who grew up in Brooklyn and held jobs on the business side of ABC and CBS , also wrote fan fiction, sent story ideas to “Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry and visited the set of the show — all impressive manifestations of nonpassive media fandom
  36. numerologically
    Even his less typical films lean toward the cosmic, as when he played a numerologically obsessed dogcatcher in “The Number 23,” a Joel Schumacher thriller
  37. oenophiles
    While Dom Pérignon was struggling to stamp out bubbles, British oenophiles already were drinking sparkling wine made from Champagne grapes
  38. ololiuhqui
    He also isolated a compound similar to LSD from another Native American botanic sacramental, the ololiuhqui vine
  39. overcalculated
    For decades the singer has been the billboard image of a shape-shifter, so much so that her makeovers risk seeming overcalculated and stale
  40. palazzo
    So if Huxtable declares “Black Rock,” the glowering corporate palazzo that Eero Saarinen bestowed on CBS, to be a building, then it’s worth reading on to discover what she means
  41. petlike
    “He’s a lot more petlike than I expected,” Ms
  42. porkpie
    MEMO to Brad Pitt : What’s up with the porkpie hat and the slacker pants, fella
  43. prettied
    In the 1990s, Tsai bought an insurance company in Memphis, called the Delta Life Corporation, prettied it up and sold it to another, larger insurance company, just before its business collapsed
  44. printings
    � The poem is from “The Love Letters of Phyllis Mc­Ginley,” a slim volume published in 1954 that went into seven printings in hardcover, eventually selling close to 150,000 copies
  45. promil
    His experimental notes commence: ‘4/19/43 16:20 0.5 cc of 1/2 promil aqueous solution of diethylamide tartrate orally = .25 mg tartrate
  46. quiveringly
    Umrigar, the author of “The Space Between Us” and two other novels, writes in an earnest, quiveringly passionate language that may accurately reflect the sensibility of a teenager but often seems overwrought
  47. rebaptized
    � Today, the building (rebaptized the MetLife in 1991) has become so familiar, so comfortingly alpine in its overweening bulk, that it’s difficult to imagine a time before its construction
  48. recordkeeping
    The lender in the case is Wells Fargo , and last Monday the judge overseeing the matter took a tough stance on the bank’s recordkeeping and billing practices
  49. recrossings
    � The history of the plays as they have been performed and debated across the centuries is “the story of a set of mutual crossings and recrossings across genres, times and modes
  50. reinventions
    Guy Ritchie : time to send the shtick in to the star shop for new brake pads and another one of those trademark reinventions
  51. remet
    I first met Jason in 1994, when I briefly dated him, and then remet him at a party four years ago and was just getting to know him again when he mentioned — in a distinctly nonchalant manner — that he had non-Hodgkins lymphoma and leukemia
  52. remuage
    Although she was head of the company, her devotion to the craft of wine making never wavered; she worked with her cellar master to devise a riddling rack to facilitate remuage, the process by which sediment is drawn from the liquid to the bottle’s neck
  53. remuddled
    A rocketlike oriel rises from a corner, originally topped by a witch’s-hat roof and an elaborate spire but now thoroughly remuddled
  54. retoucher
    Severs, who works as a photo retoucher
  55. rocketlike
    A rocketlike oriel rises from a corner, originally topped by a witch’s-hat roof and an elaborate spire but now thoroughly remuddled
  56. schlumpy
    He has none of the schlumpy quality of younger stars
  57. servicer
    “This is your biggest, hugest expense — your home — and when you ask for a life-of-loan history your servicer tells you to get lost,” she said
  58. skyscape
    The skyscape is a feast of jerkin-head gables, or gables that have a snubbed, cut-back roof, leaving a slope instead of coming out to a point
  59. soundstage
    The “Sesame Street” soundstage looked like a facsimile of the televised world — small and (surprisingly) indoors
  60. staticky
    When Moby licensed every song on his 1999 album, “Play,” for ads and soundtracks, the move was both startling and cheesy, but it did lead to CD sales; an album that set staticky samples of blues and gospel to dance-floor beats managed to become a million seller
  61. stickball
    He looked as if he had a stickball game to get to
  62. superfans
    Clearly the active approach to media consumption that Winston and her fellow superfans pioneered is more vital and widespread than ever
  63. swoopy
    And the swoopy plaster-covered fireplace is just as they found it
  64. telestrator
    � Madden’s use of the telestrator, the electronic chalkboard, to analyze what just happened on a play or what was likely to happen, punctuated with his enthusiastic expressions — “Boom
  65. toddlerhood
    She swept past that warning and nursed the boys into toddlerhood
  66. trattoria
    Its diners may possess a wealth of business acumen, but the multimillion-dollar enterprise — which has spinoff restaurants in Las Vegas and Mexico City — is run like any simple trattoria
  67. unflatteringly
    But the more the movie forces Heston outside the locker room, into an unflatteringly depicted, very 1969 world of go-go bars and soulless sexual encounters, the more you feel a kind of dismay creeping into his performance
  68. unnervingly
    There’s no end to war in Charles Todd’s unnervingly beautiful historical novels, only the enduring legacy of suffering inherited by those who survive and remember
  69. unsurrendering
    In “The 5:32,” a poem about a woman meeting her husband at the train, she proved again that she seemed to find roses where so many others were turning up crabgrass: “She said, If tomorrow my world were torn in two, / Blacked out, dissolved, I think I would remember / (As if transfixed in unsurrendering amber) / This hour best of all the hours I knew
  70. unthreatening
    Only in an unthreatening political atmosphere do certain liberals feel comfortable enough to throw their weight behind social change
  71. walkability
    “It is ironic you have to drive so much when you are advocating for smart-growth planning projects that are all about walkability
  72. whirs
    Not long ago such work “felt like a throwaway for composers who couldn’t get work elsewhere,” said Steve Schnur, worldwide executive for music and marketing at the software giant Electronic Arts, describing the beeps and whirs of early games as “Good Humor truck” music, created hastily and late in the development process
  73. wifehood
    After her husband’s death, Sivakami packs away her silks and takes off the “gold medals of wifehood


  1. caipirinha -- no distinction from Portuguese meaning
  2. sec -> only in demi sec et al.
  3. oenobiography -> protologism
  4. midcooking -> surprisingly rare