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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words, lacking English entries in the English Wiktionary as of the most recent database dump, found in the 2008-12-29 issue of the New York Times.

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  1. antidrug
    After torturing and decapitating the unarmed soldiers, the killers left their heads on public display with a message warning the military to discontinue antidrug operations
  2. chokehold
    When it was fully apparent that the Ravens had a chokehold on their own playoff berth against the Jaguars, what was left for the Jets but to push through the despair in a game of pretend
  3. crossborder
    Then, Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Islamist group, was lobbing deadly rockets into Israel with apparent impunity and had captured an Israeli soldier in a crossborder raid
  4. cyberchorus
     ?쏛 Cappella (Something?셲 Missing)??is the album?셲 nutty showpiece, with a computer-tuned Brandy becoming a polyphonic cyberchorus, almost but not entirely a cappella
  5. incompletion
    The incompletion ran four seconds off the clock
  6. infrastructuralist
    The non-fiction sleeper will be: (a) ?쏱ower Rules,??a Machiavellian view of foreign policy by former diplomat and Times editor Les Gelb (b) ?쏡eep Brain Stimulation,??by neuroscience writer Jamie Talan (c) ?쏝old Endeavors,??by financier and infrastructuralist Felix Rohatyn (d) ?쏬osing the News,??by Alex Jones (e) ?쏱onzi Shmonzi: The Bernie Madoff Story,??crash-published by a dozen houses (f) Fiction: ?쏶hadow and Light,??in 1920s Berlin, by Jonathan Rabb 7
  7. midfrequency
    The complaint sought a court order to curb midfrequency sonar, the Navy?셲 preferred method for detecting enemy submarines, on the grounds the sonar disturbs and sometimes kills whales and dolphins
  8. midranking
    MEXICO CITY 혰 Mexicans got new word Saturday of the narcotics mafias??relentless efforts to infiltrate the government here when authorities accused a midranking army officer in the elite presidential guard of selling information about the whereabouts of President Felipe Calder처n to the drug lords
  9. midsong
    €셲 verse, parachuted in midsong, is casually political, assertive and nonsensical
  10. minidrama
    It?셲 not something you need to watch if you?셱e not already a ?쏝attlestar Galactica??fan, but those who are will appreciate the serious treatment this minidrama has received, the same kind of care taken with the cult-favorite series itself
  11. newsgathering
    Parisa Khosravi, CNN?셲 senior vice president for international newsgathering, said such talks among the networks were not currently under way
  12. newspeople
    At the same time that news organizations are trimming in Iraq, the television networks are trying to add newspeople in Afghanistan and Pakistan, with expectations that the Obama administration will focus on the conflict there
  13. nonlegislative
    There are many nonlegislative issues on the agenda for Ms
  14. nonsupervisory
    and conducted in December 2006, that found that 53 percent of the 808 nonunion, nonsupervisory workers surveyed said they would vote to unionize immediately if they could
  15. overtricks
    Because the tournament was scored like a pair event, overtricks were important
  16. parkgoers
    Among the parkgoers were Billy Scafuri, who is 27 and a comedian, and Marina Michelson, a 22-year-old actress
  17. prediabetic
    More important, it can reduce the body?셲 sensitivity to insulin and may aggravate diabetes or prediabetic conditions
  18. trailhead
    Sam and Greg Wood, brothers from Thornton, N.H., were at a trailhead in Lincoln clearly marked with Hike Safe signs
  19. trekkers
    Wayward trekkers finding themselves in need of a similar helping hand in the future may well find a bill for their rescue in the mail
  20. unforthcoming
    Many have grown tired of Reid?셲 unforthcoming nature and stubborn play-calling
  21. unlikeliest
    Pennington did engineer the unlikeliest of playoff runs, taking a Dolphins team that was 1-15 last season to a division title
  22. unremarked
    €? Rezko, to Dewey-eyed prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to reduce his six-year sentence (b) suspicion by conspiracy theorists about the unremarked lobbying that led to the expensive renaming, after 72 years, of the Triborough Bridge to the Robert F
  23. videoconferencing
    And its biggest bet is that people will want to use a version of its corporate videoconferencing system called Telepresence to chat with their friends over their high-definition televisions


  1. powerball