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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-03 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. endplay
    • 2009 January 3, Phillip Alder, “What to Bid Next? That Depends on the Game You’re Playing”, New York Times:
      At this point, South should have played a spade to dummy’s ace, ruffed a spade and led her club king to catch West in a trump endplay, but she became flustered and lost two more tricks to go down one.
  2. harborside
    • 2009 January 3, Joyce Hor-chung Lau, “A Chinese Chef's Long Path to 3 Stars”, New York Times:
      His restaurant, in one of Hong Kong’s many plush harborside hotels, goes by the name Lung King Heen, or View of the Dragon.
  3. injectables
    • 2009 January 3, Amy Zipkin, “Drugstores, Too, Feel Recession Pain”, New York Times:
      Complex high-cost drug therapy, such as injectables and infusions, are close to a $70 billion sector.
  4. leis
    • 2009 January 3, Jackie Calmes, “On Campus, Obama and Memories”, New York Times:
      In a Punahou school newspaper in 1979, the year he graduated, Mr. Obama is shown in a two-page photograph of the basketball team, the players all in leis just after winning the state championship.
  5. midcourse
    • 2009 January 3, New York Times[1]:
      There are other significant cases on the Supreme Court’s docket — including ones concerning indecency on the airwaves, religious displays, voting rights and the possible pre-emption of state injury suits by federal law — but specialists say a midcourse correction is most likely in the enemy combatant case, Al-Marri v.
  6. nebbishlike
    • 2009 January 3, Elaine Sciolino, “Make ’em Laugh, and Love Classics”, New York Times:
      Despite his nebbishlike looks, average height, serious eyeglasses and all-black attire, Mr. Luchini knows how to fill a landmark space with his presence.
  7. neuroticism
    • 2009 January 3, Alina Tugend, “Coping Skills and Horrible Imaginings”, New York Times:
      Mr. Hirsh was the lead author on a study, published in the October issue of the journal Psychological Science, which found that those considered higher on the neuroticism scale would prefer knowing something for sure — even if it’s negative — than not knowing.
  8. nonmedical
    • 2009 January 3, “I’ll Have to Call My Lawyer”, New York Times:
      As they noted, by its plain language, the California law — which speaks generally of “emergency care” — should apply to both medical and nonmedical help.
  9. overruff
  10. overruffed
  11. rebidding
  12. steppingstones
    • 2009 January 3, Robert F. Worth, “Preaching Moderate Islam and Becoming a TV Star for Youths”, New York Times:
      Moreover, some observers fear that the growing prevalence of Islam on the airwaves and the Internet could make moderates like Mr. Shugairi steppingstones toward more extreme figures, who are never more than a mouse-click or a channel-surf away.
  13. struts
  14. teamer
    • 2009 January 3, Harvey Araton, “Ever a Critic, Barkley Is Lacking in Credibility”, New York Times:
      Given a chance to sleep on that performance, to be a redeem teamer, Barkley said the next day that he was inclined to launch his elbow because he didn’t know if Coimbra “would pull a spear” on him.
  15. turndown
  16. uberdork
  17. underled
  18. unmakable
  19. unprosecuted