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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-21 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. antsiness
    • 2009 January 21, Maureen Dowd, “Exit the Boy King”, New York Times:
      The patience that America is extending to Mr. Obama, according to a Times poll, was reflected across the capital, as the cram of people sparked warmth rather than antsiness.
  2. automaking
    • 2009 January 21, Martin Fackler And Bettina Wassener, “Grandson of Toyota Founder Will Lead”, New York Times:
      7 billion in its main automaking business during the current fiscal year, which ends March 31.
  3. blocklong
  4. bucheron
    • 2009 January 21, Melissa Clark, “Roasted Beets, Now Stainless”, New York Times:
      As soon as I saw the wrapper of a delightfully pungent, runny-centered bucheron, I knew my dinner was done.
  5. cheesemaking
    • 2009 January 21, Florence Fabricant, “Dining Calendar”, New York Times:
      Next will be cheesemaking on Jan. 31, then creative cocktails on Feb. 7, coffee and cocoa on Feb. 14, and the basics of buying wine on Feb. 21.
  6. conventioneers
    • 2009 January 21, Francis X. Clines, “In Washington on Inauguration Day”, New York Times:
      ” — like victorious conventioneers in their burnished regalia at a hotel party Monday night.
  7. grillwork
  8. herbed
  9. hyperpower
    • 2009 January 21, John F. Burns, “Obama Promises the World a Renewed America”, New York Times:
      “We have entered a period of historical transition in which the United States will become first among equals, rather than simply top dog, hyperpower and unquestioned hegemon,” said Timothy Garton Ash, a professor of European studies at Oxford.
  10. midtable
    • 2009 January 21, Jack Bell, “Juventus Putting Pressure on Inter”, New York Times:
      Inter Milan, which threatened to run away with the title in its first season under Coach José Mourinho, allowed midtable Atalanta of Bergamo three goals in the first 33 minutes Sunday and lost only its second league match of the season, 3-1.
  11. overconsumption
    • 2009 January 21, David E. Sanger, “Rejecting Bush Era, Reclaiming Values”, New York Times:
      ” It seemed a call to end an age of overconsumption and the presumption that America had a right to lead the world, a right that he reminded “must be earned.
  12. overexpansion
    • 2009 January 21, “Questions for Mr. Geithner”, New York Times:
      Three major problems led to Citigroup’s downfall: bad investment policy; overexpansion, which overwhelmed Citigroup’s management; and an inadequate capital base.
  13. pastored
    • 2009 January 21, Shaila Dewan, “Epic Campaign Divided Family, Then United It”, New York Times:
      As they pastored churches in Georgia and Texas, they supported talented black politicians who were unable to win statewide office.
  14. postlayoff
    • 2009 January 21, Brian Stelter, “In 2009, Layoffs Is the Business to Be In”, New York Times:
      The postlayoff session “allows the individual to vent,” Mr. Ayers said, “about their angst, their anger, their fear.
  15. prequalified
    • 2009 January 21, Richard Sandomir, “A Coveted Team, a Tangled Web, a Tough Sell”, New York Times:
      The bidders have examined the financials (after being prequalified by Major League Baseball) and can evaluate the Cubs and the team’s iconic stadium that, as it approaches age 95, is in need of repairs and, as they say, revenue enhancements.
  16. regendering
    • 2009 January 21, Ginia Bellafante, “For TV’s Newest Crime Fighter, the Lips May Lie, but the Face Tells the Truth”, New York Times:
      And I’m not sure whether the regendering is a democratizing net positive for feminism or whether we should take offense that women’s intuition translates somewhere along the spectrum of cute while its male counterpart is meant to suggest the power of a mind brilliantly deducing.
  17. scudetto
  18. stepgrandmother
    • 2009 January 21, Jodi Kantor, “In First Family, a Nation’s Many Faces”, New York Times:
      WASHINGTON — The president’s elderly stepgrandmother brought him an oxtail fly whisk, a mark of power at home in Kenya.
  19. ultranationalist