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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-22 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. autobahn
    • 2009 January 22, Nicholas Kulish, “Soccer Titan Raises Profile of Tiny Village”, New York Times:
      On a recent afternoon a work crew and crane were affixing the tall lettering to the side of the team’s new stadium, just off the autobahn in Sinsheim, a few miles from Hoffenheim.
  2. chullo
    • 2009 January 22, Verlyn Klinkenborg, “Season of the Chullo”, New York Times:
      While they’re there, they will probably buy a chullo or two, one of those cone-like alpaca pan-Andean hats with earflaps.
  3. creasing
    • 2009 January 22, Elaine Sciolino, “French Star as He Is, Stroke and All”, New York Times:
      The deep lines creasing his face are made more dramatic with shadows; the nose squashed decades ago in a boxing ring gives him an oddly broken look.
  4. detoxers
    • 2009 January 22, Abby Ellin, “Flush Those Toxins! Eh, Not So Fast”, New York Times:
      Because many holistic doctors believe that one’s bowels should be irrigated as much as four times a day, some detoxers rely on colonics, enemas and herbal laxatives to move things along.
  5. fruitlike
    • 2009 January 22, Stephen Orr, “The Winter Bloomers”, New York Times:
      Winter honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima) is more leggy shrub than vine and needs pruning, but it rewards with a fruitlike scent.
  6. gaveled
    • 2009 January 22, Eric Lichtblau, “G.O.P. Forces Delay on Attorney General”, New York Times:
      “I am extremely disappointed, but they have that right, and this historic nomination is held over,” he said as he gaveled the committee meeting to a close and hurriedly left the hearing room.
  7. indigenousness
    • 2009 January 22, Verlyn Klinkenborg, “Season of the Chullo”, New York Times:
      Perhaps it signals indigenousness, international-ness.
  8. macroeconomy
  9. multidecade
    • 2009 January 22, Julia Werdigier And Nelson D. Schwartz, “The Falling Pound Raises Fears of Nationalization”, New York Times:
      With the pound at a multidecade low and British banks requiring ever-larger injections of taxpayer cash, it is no wonder that observers have started to refer to London as “Reykjavik-on-Thames.
  10. multiheaded
  11. multiphonic
  12. nonemotional
    • 2009 January 22, Howard Beck, “The Knicks Win Again to Remain on a Roll”, New York Times:
      By the time the Suns came to Madison Square Garden for another reunion, the only impulse D’Antoni had about his old players was the need to beat them, for purely nonemotional reasons.
  13. nonreporting
    • 2009 January 22, Jackie Calmes And David M. Herszenhorn, “Geithner Grilled Over Tax Issue”, New York Times:
      Mr. Geithner insisted his nonreporting of the payroll taxes on income from the I. M. F. from 2001 to 2004 were mistakes that were, in his words, careless and avoidable but unintentional.
  14. noseplugs
    • 2009 January 22, Verlyn Klinkenborg, “Season of the Chullo”, New York Times:
      I see men and women wearing earmuffs that look like noseplugs.
  15. outkicked
  16. outrates
    • 2009 January 22, Brian Stelter, “MSNBC Wants to Add a 3rd Prime-Time Show”, New York Times:
      Then again, Rachel Maddow became a political analyst for MSNBC just 12 months ago, and now her 9 p. m. program, “The Rachel Maddow Show,” outrates CNN’s “ Larry King Live” in the 25-to-54 age group.
  17. pakol
  18. precast
    • 2009 January 22, Jim Robbins, “The Logless Log Home”, New York Times:
      Except that in their case, the logs are made from precast concrete shaped and painted to look like the real thing.
  19. preconcert
  20. preinstalls
    • 2009 January 22, David Pogue, “Hate Vista? You May Like the Fix”, New York Times:
      Unless you buy your PC from a company that preinstalls these programs, you’ll have to download them yourself from a Microsoft Web site.
  21. prepsters
    • 2009 January 22, Alan Feuer, “A Place to Groove, Without Being Too Groovy”, New York Times:
      They are also hugely varied, and on a recent Friday night included hipsters, prepsters, fraternity boys in ball caps, soul men with their entourages, East Side girls in diamonds, Howard University grads and an old man pushing 70 in a navy flannel suit.
  22. regionalization
  23. slipup
  24. steeled
    • 2009 January 22, “The Celebration, and the Work Ahead”, New York Times:
      Often muscular and severe, the speech diagnosed the nation’s problems with a cold eye, swept away objections to decisive action, and steeled the American people for the measures that will be necessary, all the while providing a positive vision of a remade America that stands firmly on American values and traditions.
  25. sweetbox
    • 2009 January 22, Stephen Orr, “The Winter Bloomers”, New York Times:
      Slow-growing sweetbox (Sarcococca humilis) is an evergreen ground cover with white flowers so puny that they would go unnoticed if not for the sharp aroma of cinnamon and cloves.
  26. tightknit
  27. toughies
    • 2009 January 22, Guy Trebay, “Milan, Why So Gloomy?”, New York Times:
      What with all the economic Cassandras making prophecies that the retail sector will be a disaster well into the third quarter, designers reacted by staging a mass memorial for themselves, one show picking up the somber thread from the last until the dark-clad toughies at Costume National blended into the black-coated union laborers invoked at Christopher Bailey’s low key presentation at Burberry.
  28. ungrammaticality
    • 2009 January 22, Steven Pinker, “Oaf of Office”, New York Times:
      Though the ungrammaticality of split verbs is an urban legend, it found its way into The Texas Law Review Manual on Style, which is the arbiter of usage for many law review journals.
  29. unpressured
  30. unpublishable
    • 2009 January 22, Ben Ratliff, “Chords of Fame? These Bands Never Heard of Them”, New York Times:
      The band’s hourlong set inspired arcs of flying bodies; before it was another excellent performance by a sludgy and curious punk band with another unpublishable name, this one from Allentown, Pa. Its singer is Matt Korvette, another guy with a lot of room for vinyl in his life.
  31. unticketed
    • 2009 January 22, David Johnston, “Guided Into Tunnel, Ticket Holders Missed Swearing-In”, New York Times:
      In its statement, the inaugural committee said, “Many of the problems appear to have been due to the unprecedented crowds, and a huge flow of unticketed people toward the U. S. Capitol and into the 3rd Street Tunnel from the National Mall after it had reached capacity very early that morning and was closed to additional unticketed entries.
  32. victimy
    • 2009 January 22, Mike Albo, “For Shapeshifters, Bringing Boxy Back”, New York Times:
      Not to drag you down with me, but Smith & Butler, a new store in Brooklyn full of flannels, plaids and other rugged work-wear, may make you a little fashion victimy, too.


  1. mittenheads - protologistic, 2 other print cites do not match this sense
    • 2009 January 22, Verlyn Klinkenborg, “Season of the Chullo”, New York Times:
      I’ve seen chullos that look like one cup of a knit bikini top and some that make their wearers look like mittenheads, complete with dangling strings.