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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-24 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. antiapartheid
  2. bellmen
    • 2009 January 24, Harry Hurt Iii, “The Inaugural Glamour as Seen From a Taxi Stand”, New York Times:
      In addition to opening doors, I would be expected to assist the bellmen and the valet parkers in tagging luggage, ticketing cars and directing limo traffic.
  3. boosterish
    • 2009 January 24, Samuel G. Freedman, “Long Afterlife for a Short-Lived Jewish Monthly”, New York Times:
      With their very first issue, those opinionated slobs declared their independence from the norms of Jewish journalism, whether sober journals like Commentary and Dissent or the boosterish newspapers sponsored by local Jewish federations.
  4. calypsolike
    • 2009 January 24, Ben Ratliff, “Jazz With a Mission, and a Groove”, New York Times:
      The band is called Let Freedom Swing, and in Thursday night’s early set it played “Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho” as a hard-bop minor-key blues; “Walk With Me Jesus” with a Coltrane-quartet slow groove; “Lift Every Voice and Sing” as a lovely, ruminative solo piano piece; a calypsolike “We Shall Overcome”; and a version of Herbie Hancock ’s strange bossa nova “I Have a Dream.”
  5. condemnable
  6. divertissements
    • 2009 January 24, Alastair Macaulay, “A Young, Lively Crew From Florida Steps Up and Takes Flight”, New York Times:
      Patricia Delgado, though taller and paler-skinned, strongly resembles Jeanette, and in Miami they often dance together (in the “Emeralds” pas de trois from “Jewels,” for example, or leading successive divertissements in Balanchine’s “Swan Lake”).
  7. filovirus
    • 2009 January 24, Donald G. Mcneil, “Pig-to-Human Ebola Case Suspected in Philippines”, New York Times:
      Also, humans do not carry other members of the filovirus family that could mix with it, the way that influenza strains from birds, pigs and humans can swap parts of genes.
  8. financer
    • 2009 January 24, Tara Siegel Bernard, “Costs and Tighter Rules Thwart Refinancings”, New York Times:
      And only a select few borrowers with pristine credit can secure the most attractive rates: for the week that ended Jan. 15, rates on a 30-year fixed mortgage sank to 5.12 percent, the 11th consecutive weekly drop and the lowest rate since the big mortgage financer Freddie Mac began tracking them in 1971.
  9. fracases
    • 2009 January 24, Celia W. Dugger, “In South Africa, a Justice Delayed Is No Longer Denied”, New York Times:
      So why did Mr. Cameron, who believes judges should generally stay out of the political fracases of the day, take on Mr. Mbeki, most likely delaying his promotion to the Constitutional Court for years, if not scuttling it entirely?
  10. fulfiller
    • 2009 January 24, Charles M. Blow, “No More Excuses?”, New York Times:
      For them, he was it — a game changer , soul restorer, dream fulfiller .
  11. gargouillades
    • 2009 January 24, Alastair Macaulay, “A Young, Lively Crew From Florida Steps Up and Takes Flight”, New York Times:
      She doesn’t trump the achievement of New York City Ballet ’s Merrill Ashley in this role 30 years ago, but then Ms. Ashley didn’t trump that of the role’s originator, Patricia Wilde (whose gargouillades — the sideways jumps where the feet write rings in the air — are still recalled in awe).
  12. gumagumas
  13. melodist
  14. nonfinance
  15. outskated
    • 2009 January 24, Juliet Macur, “Weir and Lysacek Find Company at the Top”, New York Times:
      “Jeremy outskated him right after he skated well,” Abbott’s coach, Tom Zakrajsek, said of Abbott’s short program after Lysacek’s strong performance.
  16. skiercross
    • 2009 January 24, Bill Pennington, “Feisty Version of Ski Racing Elbows Into Mainstream”, New York Times:
      One, ski cross (often also called skiercross) is a head-to-head competition instead of an event in which racers are timed individually to see who has been the fastest down a racecourse.
  17. streete
    • 2009 January 24, Edward Rothstein, “When the News Was New”, New York Times:
      Held in her other hand is a wand used to shake the tree’s branches, from which leaves fall: leaves of books and papers, which offer not knowledge but libel and foolishness, which “in everie streete, on everie stall you find.”
  18. supermax
    • 2009 January 24, Mark Mazzetti, “Where Will Guantánamo Detainees Go?”, New York Times:
      “There are thousands of dangerous prisoners being held securely behind bars in supermax prisons across the United States,” Mr. Murtha said Friday.
  19. supersecure
    • 2009 January 24, Mark Mazzetti, “Where Will Guantánamo Detainees Go?”, New York Times:
      Those include 9 detention centers that hold defendants awaiting trial, 21 high-security penitentiaries and a supersecure prison in Florence, Colo., where several convicted terrorists are already locked up.
  20. techniquewise
  21. teleiophile
    • 2009 January 24, Charles Mcgrath, “Surveying the Outer Reaches of Lust”, New York Times:
      Daniel Bergner, age 48, the divorced father of two teenage children, is what sexologists would call a straight, vanilla teleiophile.
  22. zingingly
    • 2009 January 24, Alastair Macaulay, “A Young, Lively Crew From Florida Steps Up and Takes Flight”, New York Times:
      The six young women of its corps de ballet each extended a leg sideways, not high, but so zingingly as — you realized only in the next millisecond — to reveal the music, which only arrived in time with their feet.