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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-02-14 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-14).

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  1. beehived
  2. bondlike
    • 2009 February 14, Ron Lieber, “Legacy of a Crisis: A Generation Shy of Risk”, New York Times:
      Other people with bondlike characteristics who are far from retirement could take similar risks, and withstand 2008-level losses, because their incomes are fairly stable.
  3. engrossingly
    • 2009 February 14, Alastair Macaulay, “The Season for Stories of Love”, New York Times:
      The décors for the three Balanchines are among the most engrossingly picturesque in City Ballet’s entire collection, too.
  4. fetishizers
    • 2009 February 14, Ben Ratliff, “Daring to Take a Chisel to Two Monuments of Jazz”, New York Times:
      A Jazz at Lincoln Center concert in their honor is almost something to dread: not necessarily because the records are technically beyond reach, but because such an event can quickly become a knowing lob to the fetishizers.
  5. garnets *
    • 2009 February 14, Clancy Martin, “Valentine’s Day From My Side of the Counter”, New York Times:
      How much of its meaning is revealed — by whom it was given and for what occasion, why it is made of sapphires rather than emeralds, or garnets rather than jade — is entirely up to the person wearing the piece.
  6. humanlike
    • 2009 February 14, Seth Schiesel, “Blasting Enemies, but Pricking Consciences”, New York Times:
      Moral clarity is taken for granted in most shooting games, because otherwise the psychological weight of killing hundreds or thousands of other humans (or humanlike beings) would make many games unbearable to play.
  7. megasuccessful
    • 2009 February 14, Jon Caramanica, “The Newest New Edition: Three Singers, Trading Styles With Equanimity”, New York Times:
      When Bobby Brown, snotty and kinetic and magnetic, left the megasuccessful R&B boy band New Edition for a solo career in 1986, it appeared as if it might have the effect of a puncture, slowly letting the air out of one of pop’s biggest phenomena. Mr. Brown was the wild card, but also the selling point.
  8. midshow
  9. mumblecore
    • 2009 February 14, Dennis Lim, “Multinational Forces at the Berlin Film Festival”, New York Times:
      Two strong American independents that had bypassed the Sundance Film Festival last month to make their world premieres here were Bradley Rust Gray’s “Exploding Girl,” starring Zoe Kazan and Mark Rendall, an atmospheric story of teenagers losing and finding love over the course of a summer in New York City, and “Beeswax,” the third feature by Andrew Bujalski , the D.I.Y. auteur whose critically beloved “Funny Ha Ha” and “Mutual Appreciation” earned him — or perhaps saddled him with — the role of mumblecore godhead.
  10. nonprison
    • 2009 February 14, “California’s Crowded Prisons”, New York Times:
      This country needs to be a lot smarter about who it puts in prison in the first place, and who would be better off in drug-treatment programs and other nonprison environments.
  11. outpolled
    • 2009 February 14, Celia W. Dugger, “Zimbabwe Opposition Party Official Arrested”, New York Times:
      Mr. Bennett’s arrest raises more questions about how much clout Mr. Tsvangirai will have under a power-sharing agreement with Mr. Mugabe, who has run the country with an iron hand since 1980. Mr. Tsvangirai outpolled Mr. Mugabe in elections last March, but ended his campaign just days before a run-off in June because of violence against thousands of his supporters.
  12. slopeside
    • 2009 February 14, Michelle Higgins, “Rainy Days in Paradise”, New York Times:
      For a one-time deposit of $40,000 to more than $1.5 million — depending on how luxurious the accommodations and how long the stay — and annual dues of $3,000 to $100,000, club members would have access to an array of multimillion-dollar properties in prime resort locations —a stone farmhouse in Tuscany, an oceanfront villa in Costa Rica, a slopeside chalet in Aspen, Colo.
  13. stocklike
    • 2009 February 14, Ron Lieber, “Legacy of a Crisis: A Generation Shy of Risk”, New York Times:
      Those who have more stocklike careers, however, probably ought to invest a bit more conservatively, in both their retirement accounts and in their primary residences.
  14. subdivides *
    • 2009 February 14, Alastair Macaulay, “The Season for Stories of Love”, New York Times:
      In no other “Swan Lake” does the corps’ patterns change so constantly: the different way he subdivides the 12 dancers of the Valse Bluette is a structural marvel.
  15. unfaceted
    • 2009 February 14, Clancy Martin, “Valentine’s Day From My Side of the Counter”, New York Times:
      The setting was elaborate, because that was the woman’s style, but the bracelet’s central feature was the row of modest, unfaceted, cabochon-cut moonstones.
  16. unshelled
    • 2009 February 14, Karen Crouse, “Amid Scandal, ‘Alex Rodriguez Park’ Is Unveiled”, New York Times:
      At every table on the baseball field Friday night there were glass vases filled with unshelled peanuts, Cracker Jack and toy baseballs, with miniature bats rising like stems and capped by University of Miami batting helmets.