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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-12 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-12).

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  1. archnationalist
    • 2009 March 12, Judy Dempsey And Alison Smale, “President of Poland Is Sanguine on Economy”, New York Times:
      Mr. Kaczynski, a conservative, attracted strong criticism inside and outside Poland for strong anti-Russian tones and archnationalist policies when he shared power with his identical twin brother, Jaroslaw, who was prime minister from 2005 to 2007.
  2. biosimilars
    • 2009 March 12, “A New Day on Stem Cell Research”, New York Times:
      They must support increased financing of research, strengthen intellectual property protections and make certain pending legislation on biosimilars protects patient safety and preserves incentives to innovate new therapies for unmet medical needs.
  3. cybercitizens
  4. dhurrie
    • 2009 March 12, Julie Scelfo, “The $300 Makeover: West Village Studio”, New York Times:
      Ms. Unger saw potential in objects that were stylish but in need of cleaning, so she took Ms. Rich’s cotton dhurrie home for a wash and spent half an hour scrubbing a flea market coffee table with Murphy Oil Soap.
  5. herdlike
  6. logjammed
  7. midbass
  8. obscurist
    • 2009 March 12, Melena Ryzik, “Becoming Professional, Just Not Self-Important”, New York Times:
      They formed a few casual bands, spun obscurist rock at the university’s radio station, WHRB, and lived together in an apartment on Bishop Allen Drive in Cambridge, which became an incubator for their future. Mr. Bujalski was another classmate-turned-roommate.
  9. photochemicals
    • 2009 March 12, Abby Ellin, “Food Claims Raise Questions”, New York Times:
      All fruits “have nutrients and photochemicals that give you energy.”
  10. pima
  11. rebirthed
    • 2009 March 12, Cintra Wilson, “Rosie the Riveter in a Pocket T”, New York Times:
      Gap rebirthed itself, springing fully formed from its own skull, and rose to ubiquity wearing a revolutionary rethink of mankind’s most basic form of nudity-covering since the fig leaf.
  12. semiprofessionals
    • 2009 March 12, John Biggs, “Get the Big Picture, or Focus on One Face”, New York Times:
      A lot of cameras have optical zoom and high megapixel counts, but Sony ’s new Cyber-shot HX1 has a few features that might even appeal to semiprofessionals.
  13. stenciler
    • 2009 March 12, Julie Scelfo, “The $300 Makeover: Two-Story House on Long Island”, New York Times:
      Hoping to build on a “slight Moroccan-y pattern” on half a rug visible in one photo, Ms. Galli arranged for a professional stenciler to paint a shape from Islamic architecture in a pattern on two walls.
  14. stonewash
    • 2009 March 12, Cintra Wilson, “Rosie the Riveter in a Pocket T”, New York Times:
      BACK in the early stonewash age, it seemed as if there was a long stretch of time when there were no connective fibers, no unified field dressing, between the clothing of straight, 9-to-5 office people and those living la vie bohème: students, artists, whack-jobs, creatures of the night.


  1. honkballers
    • 2009 March 12, Jack Curry, “The Dutch Are Stunning the World at the Classic”, New York Times:
      The progress of the honkballers, which is the Dutch word for baseball players, is the N.C.A.A. basketball tournament’s equivalent of a 16th-seeded team beating a No. 1.
  2. wussed -> wuss out
    • 2009 March 12, Cintra Wilson, “Rosie the Riveter in a Pocket T”, New York Times:
      I wanted this blue-collar factory uniform to be less preening and wussed out, and I wanted it to be well under $325.