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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-04-03 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-04-03).

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  1. antislave
  2. chromolithographs
    • 2009 April 3, Eve M. Kahn, “19th Century Designer Who Looked to India”, New York Times:
      Dried petals and stalks are preserved in a British naturalist’s 1831 album of pressed flowers ($4,500 at Michael Brown Rare Books), and an early 1900s scrapbook with 651 seed packets ($3,500 at Antiquariat Botanicum) shows mouthwatering chromolithographs of chrysanthemums and petunias.
  3. codexes
    • 2009 April 3, Edward Rothstein, “The Cosmos, Surveyed”, New York Times:
      But by the time we reach that telescope and the imaginative gallery it introduces, we have seen things even more remarkable: ornately decorated quadrants of enameled brass, metal calipers, arcane charts, minutely inscribed maps, spheres within spheres like compass roses from other worlds, codexes and manuscripts, cylinders, dials, rings, rods and boxes.
  4. contortionism
  5. florette
    • 2009 April 3, Billie Cohen, “Living in the Past, on Purpose”, New York Times:
      Using an agent with such knowledge will show “things about the homes that you might miss with another agent,” she said via e-mail, “things like florette moldings, cross and bible doors, a ‘garden with two rooms’ — the things that make you appreciate the home you are buying.”
  6. loungey
    • 2009 April 3, The New York Times, “Pop and Rock Listings”, New York Times:
      ENON (Thursday) Paranoia, lovers’ quarrels and urban disorder all figure in Enon’s polymorphous songs, which veer from clattering minimal syncopations to melodic rock to loungey tunes with breathy Japanese-accented vocals.
  7. lullabylike
    • 2009 April 3, James R. Oestreich, “Countertenor Brings Drama to Works by Bach and Handel”, New York Times:
      But the pronounced, quick vibrato that serves him so well in tense moments impinged a bit on the more or less lullabylike character of the other Bach numbers: “Vergnügte Ruh’ ” from the Cantata No. 170 and, especially, the ineffably world-weary “Schlummert ein” from the Cantata No. 82.
  8. miniplays
  9. minishows
  10. multisector
    • 2009 April 3, Edmund L. Andrews, “Ex-Chairman of A.I.G. Says Bailout Has Failed”, New York Times:
      “Hank Greenberg continues to deny his role in allowing F.P. to write the multisector credit-default swaps which sowed the seeds for A.I.G.’s troubles,” the company said, referring to the financial products unit.
  11. portative
    • 2009 April 3, James R. Oestreich, “Countertenor Brings Drama to Works by Bach and Handel”, New York Times:
      Conducting from the harpsichord or the portative organ, Mr. Bicket elicited fine, colorful performances, and he achieved good variety in the Bach suite by lightening the orchestration or dynamics in repeated sections.
  12. slicings
    • 2009 April 3, The New York Times, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      Working on a monumental scale the artist Gordon Matta-Clark, from whose work the gallery takes its name, similarly redefined architecture in the 1970s, using massive slicings and excisions to suggest, among other things, the instability of the concept of property and the ephemerality of what we call real estate. Mr. Balula delivers something like the same message in a nutshell.
  13. starboards
    • 2009 April 3, C. J. Hughes, “A Quieter New England Just Across the Bridge”, New York Times:
      Jamestown’s residents tend to know their ports from starboards and bowlines from clove hitches because many are longtime, dedicated boaters.
  14. streetside
    • 2009 April 3, Guy Trebay, “From High Street to SoHo, a Club Ethos”, New York Times:
      “Topshop is not as cheap as H & M, but it is fantastic visually and the store looks fun,” said Fern Penn, a SoHo retailer who, driven back by the streetside chaos, said she would return after the initial hubbub had died down.
  15. superaggressive
  16. telehealth
  17. ultrarealistic
    • 2009 April 3, The New York Times, “Classical Music/Opera Listings”, New York Times:
      Roberto Alagna stepped up to the challenge recently in the season revival of Franco Zeffirelli ’s ultrarealistic production, and now it’s José Cura’s turn.
  18. undersinging
    • 2009 April 3, Jon Caramanica, “A Fab Five Peddling Celtic Stylings”, New York Times:
      But apart from Paul, who spent much of the night undersinging before impressively breaking loose toward the end of Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up,” concept almost always trumped execution here.