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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-04-27 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-19).

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  1. alap *
    • 2009 April 27, Steve Smith, “Complex Patterns Within a Simple Key”, New York Times:
      Following a gorgeous classical Indian alap sung by Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan over a rumbling bass drone, the first 21 cells made for a splashy, variegated opening.
  2. antiflu
  3. appletini
  4. cybercontestant
    • 2009 April 27, John Markoff, “Computer Program to Take On ‘Jeopardy!’”, New York Times:
      The I.B.M. researchers and “Jeopardy!” producers said they were considering what form their cybercontestant would take and what gender it would assume.
  5. diseconomies
    • 2009 April 27, “Are Americans Just Villagers at Heart?”, New York Times:
      In fact, much of the research shows that large government units (for populations greater than 250,000) have diseconomies of scale that make them both inefficient and costly.
  6. giddying
    • 2009 April 27, John F. Burns, “Premier Wants Iceland to Join European Union”, New York Times:
      The krona is currently trading at 40 percent and more below its value before the economic collapse, just one measure of a crisis that has seen Iceland plunge since last fall from giddying prosperity to widespread unemployment.
  7. multiflavored
    • 2009 April 27, Janet Maslin, “Black Teenage Memories, Under the Hamptons Sun”, New York Times:
      Did it really need a lengthy exploration of the ice cream business, replete with the smell of Belgian waffle cones and culminating in horror-film visions of deliquescent, multiflavored goo?
  8. nonguests
  9. nonslide
    • 2009 April 27, Jonathan Abrams, “Perez and the Mets Revert to Bad Habits”, New York Times:
      Perez again failed to emerge from the fifth inning, the Washington rookie Jordan Zimmermann stiff-armed an anemic offense, Daniel Murphy continued his erratic play in left field and Carlos Beltran rekindled memories of last week’s nonslide.
  10. postfactory
    • 2009 April 27, Bill Pennington, “Golfers Test Limits of Good Sense in Golf Carts”, New York Times:
      She had some additional safety recommendations: keep your feet flat on the cart floor, avoid sudden turns, use the hand grip above your head for stability and don’t make any postfactory changes to the cart, like disabling the speed governor.
  11. pretheater
    • 2009 April 27, Ralph Blumenthal, “Still Kicking Up Her Heels on 42nd Street”, New York Times:
      Earlier, in the mad pretheater crush, Gary Keys tried to maneuver Ms. Eaton Travis to a quieter table for an interview for a nearly completed documentary he is making.