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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-05-06 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-19).

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  1. azuki *
  2. brei
    • 2009 May 6, Betsy Andrews, “An Ashkenazi Accent in the East Village”, New York Times:
      Latkes, haroseth and matzo brei are some of the Eastern European Jewish touches Mr. Dobias, formerly of Savoy, employs on the frequently changing menu at his tiny East Village restaurant, JoeDoe. They’re a tribute to the parents of his life and business partner, Jill Schulster, who — with Jewish staples like chicken liver and brisket — introduced Mr. Dobias, an Italian-American, to flavors he found new and inspiring.
  3. crackhouse
    • 2009 May 6, Nick Bunkley, “Challenger Wins Special Mayor’s Race in Detroit”, New York Times:
      A second trial was set to start next week for Mr. Melton and a former bodyguard, who each face federal civil rights charges related to a sledgehammer attack on a duplex on Aug. 26, 2006, that Mr. Melton said was a crackhouse.
  4. labneh
    • 2009 May 6, Dwight Garner, “A Merchant of Trinkets and Memories”, New York Times:
      And I can assure you, were he to encounter the entire crew of the aircraft carrier Enterprise, he’d serve them eggs sunny-side up, and labneh fresh from the bag.
  5. liras *
    • 2009 May 6, Dwight Garner, “A Merchant of Trinkets and Memories”, New York Times:
      When he’d saved money from his shop, he knew how he wanted to spend it: “In the 50s, with 30 liras you could buy a dunam of land.
  6. morbillivirus
    • 2009 May 6, The Associated Press, “Washington: Threat to Otters”, New York Times:
      Eighty percent tested positive for morbillivirus, which can cause serious disease in some animals and humans.
  7. narratorly
    • 2009 May 6, Neil Genzlinger, “A Return to a Bloody Era, With a Cast of Stand-Ins”, New York Times:
      But it chooses dramatic re-creation to deliver much of its material: actors portraying Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt and their various lieutenants stride into meetings, have whispered conversations and so on, with a narrator propelling the tale along in that overwrought narratorly voice so popular in such programs.
  8. prekindergartens
    • 2009 May 6, Elissa Gootman, “Effort to Place Kindergartners Raises Anger of Parents”, New York Times:
      Andrew Jacob, an Education Department spokesman, acknowledged that officials were considering relocating the prekindergartens scheduled to open at the two schools but said “there hasn’t been any decision.”
  9. prekindergartners
    • 2009 May 6, Elissa Gootman, “Effort to Place Kindergartners Raises Anger of Parents”, New York Times:
      Christine C. Quinn , the City Council speaker, whose district includes Greenwich Village, said that after she got word of the plan, she asked to meet with education officials to discuss the situation and express her “tremendous issues” with efforts to displace prekindergartners.
  10. rubblestone
    • 2009 May 6, Elizabeth Abbott, “A Reform School, Reborn”, New York Times:
      Its dormitory cottages were built in 1881 to 1895 and featured rubblestone walls, brownstone quoins and arched windows.
  11. shakeratos
  12. superharvest
    • 2009 May 6, Mark Bittman, “Freeze That Thought”, New York Times:
      If you get a last-minute dinner invitation, you might freeze that fish you bought; if you take the kids strawberry picking, get the excess in there as quickly as you can; if you have a superharvest of vegetables (or a good score at the farmer’s market), blanch them and freeze them.
  13. tarta *
    • 2009 May 6, Melissa Clark, “Happy Birthday to Me, With a Spanish Lilt”, New York Times:
      The finished frosted cake had the nuanced flavor of the tarta de Santiago but the luxurious buttery texture of a cake-mix cake (without the chemical tang).
  14. unimpressionable
    • 2009 May 6, Eric Asimov, “For Chablis Fanatics, Ah, 2007”, New York Times:
      But in my scattered tastings of 2007 Chablis here at home, mostly straightforward village-level Chablis at that, I’ve found the sort of beautifully etched wines that can send even the most unimpressionable Chablis lover floating up among aromas and images of oyster shells, crushed rocks, limestone and chalk.