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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-05-08 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-19).

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  1. adventuorous
    • 2009 May 8, Anthony Tommasini, “Mahler Program Begins, With Rich Emotion”, New York Times:
      It seemed right, somehow, to begin the program, and this adventuorous series, with a late Mahler work, the sublimely tragic “Kindertotenlieder” (“Songs on the Death of Children”) in a subdued and poignant performance with the bass-baritone Thomas Quasthoff .
  2. amphitheaterlike
    • 2009 May 8, Holland Cotter, “Where the Ocean Meets the Catskills”, New York Times:
      Set in a shallow, amphitheaterlike depression, once a gravel pit supplying material for the Thruway, it covers 11 acres.
  3. bannerless
    • 2009 May 8, Harvey Araton, “Russell Celebrates His Bond With Auerbach”, New York Times:
      But the Celtics did win last season, ending a drought that must have seemed interminable to Auerbach, who lived through 20 of the 21 bannerless springs.
  4. boca *
    • 2009 May 8, Marc Lacey, “Flu Is Injecting Itself Into Mexican Politics”, New York Times:
      Bárbara Botella, an opposition candidate for mayor of León, a large industrial city in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato, began her campaign on Sunday wearing a mask printed with the slogan “Bárbara, en boca de todos” or Bárbara, on everybody’s lips.
  5. debtlike
    • 2009 May 8, Michael J. De La Merced, “GMAC, Among the Weakest, Seems in Line for a Bailout”, New York Times:
      In a statement, the privately held firm said that it could issue new common equity or convertible preferred shares, which are debtlike securities that can be exchanged for common stock.
  6. hardstone
  7. lexicometry
    • 2009 May 8, The New York Times, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      Various textual analyses are provided by a criminologist, an anthropologist, a researcher in lexicometry and a Talmudic exegete.
  8. noninterest
    • 2009 May 8, “Tests May Spur Bank Mergers”, New York Times:
      Last year Fifth Third, SunTrust, KeyCorp and Regions had combined noninterest expenses of $18.5 billion.
  9. nonjudge
    • 2009 May 8, “Choosing a New Justice”, New York Times:
      Should Mr. Obama decide on a nonjudge, bringing real-world experience to a cloistered society, he could consider Michigan’s governor, Jennifer Granholm, a former federal prosecutor.
  10. parachutelike
    • 2009 May 8, Karen Rosenberg, “A Low-Cost Show Reinflates a Big Bag”, New York Times:
      The Ice Bag, a parachutelike swell of nylon cloth capped by polyester resin, is an oversized, mechanized version of the classic headache remedy.
  11. pietre *
    • 2009 May 8, Wendy Moonan, “Auction of African Art From Gross Collection”, New York Times:
      Last summer’s sleeper hit at the Metropolitan Museum, the exhibition of pietre dure treasures from Europe’s royal courts, may whet the appetite for a show opening Wednesday at Carlton Hobbs in Manhattan.
  12. platterlike
    • 2009 May 8, Karen Rosenberg, “A Low-Cost Show Reinflates a Big Bag”, New York Times:
      A centralized gallery of early drawings and soft sculptures defines Mr. Oldenburg’s epicurean branch of Pop. Works like “Giant BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich)” and “French Fries and Ketchup” (both 1963), made of stuffed vinyl and served up on low, platterlike pedestals, look good enough to eat.
  13. reconcilables
    • 2009 May 8, Hassina Sherjan, “Talked to Death”, New York Times:
      This is the only way that the reconcilables will be separated from the irreconcilables.
  14. resettlers
    • 2009 May 8, Ellen Barry, “Abkhazia Lures Its Expatriates, Welcoming Them One by One”, New York Times:
      Cemre Jade, a 29-year-old Turkish-born sociologist working for Abkhazia’s Center for Strategic Studies, a government-financed policy research organization, hopes that Abkhazia can model its repatriation program on Israel’s, which offers resettlers a full package of support systems and benefits.
  15. shilklaper
    • 2009 May 8, Roberta Smith, “From Memory to Canvas, Lost Way of Life in Poland”, New York Times:
      In the Jewish Museum show his subjects include routine occurrences: market days; petty theft; a Torah procession; the shilklaper, who walked the streets like a town crier, reminding women to light the Sabbath candles; and Mayer himself, attending school, playing soccer and fetching a herring from the fishmonger.
  16. starchitect
    • 2009 May 8, Karen Rosenberg, “A Low-Cost Show Reinflates a Big Bag”, New York Times:
      Others are timelessly provocative; the stacked tubes of “Museum Design Based on a Cigarette Package” might have been dreamed up by a starchitect.
  17. tambourinelike
    • 2009 May 8, Nate Chinen, “Jazz Listings”, New York Times:
      SCOTT FEINER’S PANDEIRO JAZZ (Tuesday) Scott Feiner treats the pandeiro, a tambourinelike Brazilian hand drum, as an expressive jazz instrument.
  18. ultratraditionalist
    • 2009 May 8, Rachel Donadio, “Pope, Hope in Hand, Is Heading to Mideast”, New York Times:
      Benedict sparked global outrage in January by revoking the excommunication of a schismatic bishop from an ultratraditionalist sect — a Briton, Richard Williamson , who had recently been filmed denying the scope of the Holocaust.
  19. underacknowledged
    • 2009 May 8, Holland Cotter, “Where the Ocean Meets the Catskills”, New York Times:
      Dedicated to the many women who had been underacknowledged presences at the university since the 19th century, the stone was carved with an open-ended spiral of numbers, each marking the enrollment of women in the university in a given year, with 1969 footnoted: “Yale admitted women into the undergraduate college.”
  20. unpropulsive
  21. unresigned