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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-05-23 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-19).

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  1. antisodomy
    • 2009 May 23, Shaila Dewan, “After Many Firsts, Judge Has Talent for Persuasion”, New York Times:
      Yet within a few years of Chief Justice Sears’s appointment, the court had moved noticeably away from the right, a change that became evident when it overturned the state antisodomy law in 1998.
  2. arthrogram
    • 2009 May 23, Tyler Kepner, “Bruney Can’t Find Reason for Pain”, New York Times:
      Bruney had a magnetic resonance imaging exam on Thursday and an arthrogram on Friday, seeking answers.
  3. bandshell
    • 2009 May 23, Glenn Collins, “Honoring the Man Who Helped Make the Lindy Hop”, New York Times:
      During the balmy afternoon Lindy hoppers at the bandshell partied on, continuing the five-day celebration, featuring 15 bands and some 70 events.
  4. frylings
  5. illusionati
    • 2009 May 23, Charles M. Blow, “The Land That Republicans Forgot”, New York Times:
      Since then, the leadership of the G.O.P. has systematically shed its idealists in favor of ideologues, reducing itself to the current Cheney-Limbaugh illusionati whose strategy is to exploit faith and ignorance by fanning fear and hatred.
  6. inessentials
    • 2009 May 23, Verlyn Klinkenborg, “The Paved Mind”, New York Times:
      It’s a testament to the innate human ability to weed out the inessentials.
  7. minicolloquy
    • 2009 May 23, John Schwartz, “At a Symposium of Judges, a Debate on the Laws of Fashion”, New York Times:
      A member of the audience, Judge A. Benjamin Goldgar of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois, joined the minicolloquy, saying that titillating attire was “a huge problem” and a distraction in the courtroom and that “you don’t dress in court as if it’s Saturday night and you’re going out to a party.”
  8. nonfuel
  9. quickfire
    • 2009 May 23, John F. Burns, “A Rebirth in Britain as a Driver Revives a Career and a Team”, New York Times:
      Brawn believes his driver’s past setbacks may be a firmer preparation for a championship bid than, say, the quickfire success earned by Hamilton, who has turned sullen in his public appearances and blamed his troubles on his McLaren-Mercedes team giving him a “bad car.”
  10. refounded
  11. spongeworthiness
  12. supermaximum
  13. tatau
    • 2009 May 23, Edward Rothstein, “Seafarers’ Memoirs, Written on Skin”, New York Times:
      So it is hardly the case, as many histories have it, that tattooing entered the Western world in the 1770s, when Captain Cook and the crew of the Endeavour came upon the elaborately inscribed flesh of Pacific Islanders, who called their markings tatau.
  14. unelect
    • 2009 May 23, John Banville, “A Century of Looking the Other Way”, New York Times:
      The doctrine of original sin was ingrained in us from our earliest years, and we borrowed from Protestantism the concepts of the elect and the unelect.
  15. unsatisfyingly
    • 2009 May 23, Roslyn Sulcas, “A Mystery Journey Is Led by a Gum-Chewing Enigma”, New York Times:
      A brief duet by Zvi Gotheiner, an excerpt from his “Interiors,” offered Todd Allen and Ying-Ying Shiau in an acrobatic wheeling, circling encounter around a chair — well danced and unsatisfyingly vague.


  1. zamboni
    • 2009 May 23, John Branch, “As Economy Stumbles, the Zamboni Glides On”, New York Times:
      It has trademarked its name (and the block shape of its machines) but fears the name becoming a lowercase zamboni, suffering the same fate as Aspirin, Escalator, Zipper and other brand names that lost trademark protections.