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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-06-04 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-19).

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  1. antimanipulation
    • 2009 June 4, Stephen Labaton, “Regulator to Detail Plan for Derivatives”, New York Times:
      The proposal on swaps dealers would include antifraud and antimanipulation provisions as well as potential limits on market positions and holdings.
  2. clompers
    • 2009 June 4, Cintra Wilson, “Choose a Shoe, Any Shoe, and Hold On”, New York Times:
      Pink satin prom pumps lie under heavy studded black clompers; yellow suede midi-boots trample wafer-thin Blahnik mules.
  3. counterthemes
    • 2009 June 4, Allan Kozinn, “Ode to a First Piano Instructor, and More”, New York Times:
      The players made the most of that contrast, and if they seemed to be overplaying the lugubrious passages, their on-the-edge rendering of the bitter counterthemes made this a wrenching performance.
  4. flagrants
  5. motiviation
    • 2009 June 4, Reuters, “Aid Sought for Students”, New York Times:
      Australia said Wednesday that racism was not the motiviation for the attack or for others against foreign students.
  6. multijudge
  7. nonbranded
    • 2009 June 4, Catherine Saint Louis, “A Face From an Infomercial”, New York Times:
      But he sees a place for middle-of-the-spectrum face-lifts, which in his opinion, include the QuickLift, Lifestyle Lift and another (nonbranded) lift, the minimal access cranial suspension.
  8. nongardener
    • 2009 June 4, Stuart Emmrich, “A Garden Reborn”, New York Times:
      I needed someone to create a garden for a nongardener: someone to maximize its strengths, while minimizing the hands-on effort that would be needed to maintain it.
  9. overbanked
  10. peppily
    • 2009 June 4, Sarah Lyall, “British Minister Quits, Dealing New Blow to Brown”, New York Times:
      “I don’t want to vote for any of you, to be honest!” scolded a 61-year-old retired accountant when Mr. Herbert appeared peppily at her front door, holding a Tory leaflet and wearing a jaunty turquoise Tory ribbon.
  11. semiscientific
    • 2009 June 4, Howard Beck, “Numbers Crunched for Discipline Rules”, New York Times:
      League officials set the thresholds for suspension — on the seventh technical foul or the fourth flagrant-foul point — using a semiscientific approach.
  12. synopsizes
  13. tomorrowland
    • 2009 June 4, David Colman, “Michael Bastian: That Thing He Does”, New York Times:
      His semiannual shows are not wildly produced fantasies of tomorrowland or yesteryear that send the fashion press into raptures.
  14. vintagey
    • 2009 June 4, David Colman, “Michael Bastian: That Thing He Does”, New York Times:
      “Every time you turn a corner, there’s a guy wearing skinny jeans, an ironic cap, a low V-neck tee, vintagey high-tops and a scarf.