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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-06-06 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-20).

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  1. cloaklike
  2. gospelesque
    • 2009 June 6, Jon Caramanica, “Aspiring to Soul, With Qualified Company”, New York Times:
      And indeed, something was lost amid the clinking glasses, making it tougher to appreciate the subtle emotional touches of “Ariel,” the surprisingly jumpy gospelesque moments at the end of “Valentino” and the childlike frustration on “Nothing but a Miracle.”
  3. nondefamatory
    • 2009 June 6, “Corrections”, New York Times:
      But an appeals court held that that comment was nondefamatory, constitutionally protected opinion.
  4. rinpoche
    • 2009 June 6, Michael Powell, “A Long Journey to Document a Monk’s Long Journey”, New York Times:
      The child passes an evocative set of tests conducted by elder lamas (he chooses among bells and sets of prayer beads and identifies the ones belonging to the departed master) and is declared a reincarnated rinpoche, or “precious one.”
  5. schoolbus *
    • 2009 June 6, Lawrence Downes, “And the Bronze Goes to ...”, New York Times:
      But it would be hard to fill a schoolbus with New Yorkers who know Robert Livingston, one of the lesser founding fathers, and George Clinton, not the guy with Parliament Funkadelic, but the other one who was Thomas Jefferson’s vice president.
  6. slumlike
  7. supernational
    • 2009 June 6, Andrew E. Kramer, “Russian Warns Against Relying on Dollar”, New York Times:
      Russia, along with China and other nations, has floated the idea of forming a supernational currency to supplant the dollar, perhaps using the so-called special drawing rights units of the International Monetary Fund as a basis.
  8. temazepam
    • 2009 June 6, Lesley Alderman, “Cost-Effective Ways to Fight Insomnia”, New York Times:
      But if your problem is waking too early, he might suggest a longer-duration drug like temazepam, the generic version of Restoril.
  9. ultraloyalist
    • 2009 June 6, John F. Burns, “Brown Reshuffles Cabinet in Effort to Shore Up Support”, New York Times:
      When Mr. Brown’s aides began touting a Brown ultraloyalist, the schools and children’s secretary, Ed Balls, to take over from Mr. Darling at the Treasury , Mr. Darling, too, threatened to resign.
  10. underdanced


  1. demonstrandum *
  2. erat *