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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-07-09 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-19).

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  1. achool
    • 2009 July 9, Peter Applebome, “A Dairy Farm Can’t Lay Off the Cows”, New York Times:
      There he meets two of the younger farmers, Luke and Derek Johnson, 32 and 24, Cornell ag achool grads taking over their family farm.
  2. armorlike
    • 2009 July 9, Cathy Horyn, “A Snub (of Sorts) to Fancy”, New York Times:
      It’s the kind of vision that Karl Lagerfeld showed the other night at Chanel, with clothes — dark tweed suits with long gold-lined clerical panels at the back, or dresses with spiraling armorlike flashes of embroidery — that resist being quantified as “new” or “modern.”
  3. audiotaped
    • 2009 July 9, Timothy Williams, “Nebulous Sunni Insurgent Urges Attacks”, New York Times:
      BAGHDAD — A reputed Sunni insurgent leader whom the Iraqi government claimed to have captured this year called Wednesday for Iraq ’s Sunni Muslims to join the group’s fight against Shiites and American troops, according to an audiotaped statement released on the Internet.
  4. coprophilic
    • 2009 July 9, Mike Albo, “On the Corner of Cute, Between Stupid and Clever”, New York Times:
      But it somehow makes sense that the same place that insists on making your cheese grater look like a woman is where you can find coprophilic publications like “Poo Log: A Record Keeper.”
  5. corporatewide
    • 2009 July 9, Ashlee Vance, “EMC Wins Data Domain With a $2.4 Billion Offer”, New York Times:
      Data Domain, which is based in Santa Clara, Calif., specializes in handling the large, corporatewide backups that companies make to protect their information.
  6. counterintuition
  7. garretlike
  8. intraunion
  9. johnstonmurphy
    • 2009 July 9, David Colman, “One Step Forward, Three Steps Back”, New York Times:
      SCUFFS OPTIONAL From left: white nubuck and brown leather saddle shoes, $375 at Epaulet in Brooklyn; white bucks, $130 at Johnston & Murphy and johnstonmurphy .com; white bucks, $410 at Alden and; Mark McNairy red-soled white bucks, $335 at Epaulet; nubuck chukka boots, $425 at Alden and
  10. megamarket
    • 2009 July 9, Farhad Manjoo, “IPhone Apps to Organize Your Life”, New York Times:
      It has a clever predictive-entry system that seems to know about every single item in the modern American megamarket.
  11. microsong
    • 2009 July 9, Ben Ratliff, “Revisiting an Old Boss Named John Coltrane”, New York Times:
      There were songs from the months before Coltrane’s death in 1967: “Configuration,” with a wriggling upward chromatic scale and a place for a saxophone-drums duet; and “Jimmy’s Mode,” a bass solo framed by a microsong.
  12. nonrevolving
    • 2009 July 9, The Associated Press, “Consumers, Still Wary, Borrowed Less in May”, New York Times:
      Demand for nonrevolving credit used to finance cars, vacations, education and other things dipped at a 0.3 percent pace in May, or by $367 million.
  13. overproductive
  14. pirozhok
    • 2009 July 9, Natasha Singer, “Not a Russian Novel, but the Novel Russia”, New York Times:
      On another page, a black-and-white still of Greta Garbo as Anna Karenina in a fur hat sits next to a contemporary fashion shot of the model Gemma Ward wearing a Russian-style astrakhan lamb hat, called a pirozhok, designed by Prada.
  15. pixeled
    • 2009 July 9, Catherine Saint Louis, “Do Women Like Men Quite That Cleanshaven?”, New York Times:
      A muscular cartoon with pixeled privates even shows how to get bare without putting “your equipment at risk.”
  16. postelectoral
    • 2009 July 9, Peter Baker, “Poorer Nations Reject a Target on Emission Cut”, New York Times:
      And in a statement, the leaders said they “deplore postelectoral violence” in Iran, and they pressed Tehran for a diplomatic solution to the standoff on its nuclear program.
  17. postfuneral
    • 2009 July 9, Gail Collins, “Michael, a Foreign Affair”, New York Times:
      It used to be known as the “John Garfield Still Dead” syndrome, after the extensive postfuneral coverage of a movie star who had a fatal heart attack in 1952 in the bed of a woman other than his wife.
  18. richocheted
  19. sclub
  20. slipcovered
  21. supermodeldom
    • 2009 July 9, Cintra Wilson, “Of the Moment, and Thinking Ahead”, New York Times:
      Now, in what seems like a mere handful of seconds after her official supermodeldom was announced, the Internet is abloom with rumors that Ms. Deyn, 26, may abandon the modeling business for greener pastures.
  22. unduplicable
  23. waxathons
    • 2009 July 9, Catherine Saint Louis, “Do Women Like Men Quite That Cleanshaven?”, New York Times:
      To play Brüno, a gay fashion reporter who favors hot pants, the formerly hirsute Sacha Baron Cohen endured repeated waxathons to get bare nearly everywhere.
  24. whiplashy
    • 2009 July 9, Cintra Wilson, “Of the Moment, and Thinking Ahead”, New York Times:
      The British news media has a whiplashy relationship with Ms. Deyn, simultaneously crushed-out and abusive.
  25. winterlike
    • 2009 July 9, Libby Nelson, “Winter, Like Guest Uninvited, Drops In”, New York Times:
      Well, in a season of meteorological extremes, perhaps it should not come as a great surprise to see several inches of hail accumulate in Yonkers on Tuesday night, creating scenes of winterlike wonder that residents were still dealing with on Wednesday.