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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-07-31 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-19).

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  1. aud *
    • 2009 July 31, The New York Times, “Classical Music/Opera Listings”, New York Times:
      The programs for this weekend begin with a Saturday evening concert that includes a set of Monteverdi vocal duets; Schumann’s “Bilder aud Osten”; a Robert Cuckson vocal work, “Der Gayst Funem Shturem”; and Dvorak’s Piano Quintet (Op. 81).
  2. biomusical
  3. caveated
    • 2009 July 31, “The Settlements Issue”, New York Times:
      Mr. Obama and his negotiator, George Mitchell, have focused on settlements after prying loose a commitment — highly caveated — from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to a two-state solution.
  4. crosslike
    • 2009 July 31, Roberta Smith, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      Lovely, odd or suggestive details abound, be they the cries of Roberto Cuoghi’s sound piece, with its zany title too long and obscene to print here; the mysterious words and letters that cover Paul Chang’s large ink drawings, broaching sex and exploring new fonts; or the fake gems that blanket five attenuated crosslike elements by Ms. Pivi that form an elegant screen across much of the first space.
  5. formulism
    • 2009 July 31, Ken Johnson, “When Galleons Ruled the Waves”, New York Times:
      The exhibition’s big problem is the conventionality and formulism of most Dutch marine painting.
  6. geekfests
    • 2009 July 31, Mike Hale, “Once Upon a Time, a Real Leading Man”, New York Times:
      It’s equally impossible to imagine him in the soggy, misogynistic, stealth-macho geekfests that pass for romantic comedy now.
  7. grillz
  8. grommeted
    • 2009 July 31, Roberta Smith, “Art in Review”, New York Times:
      The entire image is made from cut fabric, glued or grommeted to canvas.
  9. interactives *
    • 2009 July 31, Laurel Graeber, “Spare Times: For Children”, New York Times:
      The show includes computer interactives, animation, models and live parakeets (for an exercise in species identification).
  10. konpa
    • 2009 July 31, Anne Mancuso, “Spare Times”, New York Times:
      Wednesday at 7 p.m., Haitian konpa music by the group CaRiMi, in Brower Park, Brooklyn and St. Marks Avenues, Crown Heights, Brooklyn.
  11. loblolly pine
    • 2009 July 31, Louise Tutelian, “A Cottage of Straw, Handmade in Texas”, New York Times:
      The living area, 32 feet by 20 feet, consists of a great room; a pocket-size kitchen set off by a granite counter and an indoor pergola of loblolly pine; a dining space just big enough for a table and four chairs; and a sleeping nook with a double bed.
  12. microlayer
    • 2009 July 31, “Corrections”, New York Times:
      An article on Tuesday about the surface of the oceans misstated the depth of the chemically distinct layer of water at the surface, which scientists call the microlayer.
  13. multispecialty
    • 2009 July 31, “The Health Debate, at a Fever Pitch”, New York Times:
      The solution to our problem is to cap total national expenditures through an earmarked, graduated health care tax, provide universal coverage on a prepaid basis and encourage physicians to practice in private, not-for-profit multispecialty groups, where they would work for salaries rather than fee-for-service.
  14. noninstructional
  15. platterlike
    • 2009 July 31, The New York Times, “Museum and Gallery Listings”, New York Times:
      A centralized gallery of early drawings and soft sculptures defines Mr. Oldenburg’s epicurean branch of Pop, with works like “Giant BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich)” and “French Fries and Ketchup” (both 1963), served up on low, platterlike pedestals.
  16. provincewide
    • 2009 July 31, Ian Austen, “In a Quebecer’s Heart, Pepsi Occupies a Special Place”, New York Times:
      One mocks Quebec stereotypes from a peculiar provincial law that sets June 30 as the expiration date for most residential leases (and thus transforms July 1 into a chaotic, provincewide moving day) to a Quebec City so cold that an actor must consume a bottle of Pepsi as if it were a Popsicle.
  17. pylonlike
    • 2009 July 31, Roberta Smith, “Bravado That Swaggers to Its Own Beat”, New York Times:
      One elaborates Surrealist curves and swellings into bright red undulating sofas and ottomans; the other, geometric, masses bright pylonlike forms and resembles the ’60s designs of Verner Panton.
  18. rajmata
    • 2009 July 31, Bruce Weber, “Gayatri Devi, 90, a Maharani and a Lawmaker, Dies”, New York Times:
      Nonetheless, for many years afterward, she was often referred to as maharani, though that eventually gave way to the less glamorous but more respectful title of rajmata, the equivalent of queen mother.
  19. selfward
  20. semihuman
    • 2009 July 31, The New York Times, “Museum and Gallery Listings”, New York Times:
      This 66-work survey starts with the stagy existentialism of Bacon’s early work (the semihuman fiends, screaming popes, flanks of beef) and proceeds to the effulgent colors, insistent rhythms and true anguish of his grand triptychs and portraits.
  21. shortcutters
  22. solitarily
    • 2009 July 31, Anthony Tommasini, “An Ear for Mozart, a Taste for Paradox”, New York Times:
      In a winter coat and a hat with thick wool lining, Mr. Anderszewski walks solitarily along snow-covered train tracks at a railroad station, as we hear his reflections in a voice-over, in English.
  23. sopapillas
    • 2009 July 31, Kirk Johnson, “New Energy Injects Hope in a Colorado Steel Town”, New York Times:
      “I loved the mill and loved working at the mill,” Mr. Pacheco said over a plate of stuffed sopapillas at the Mill Stop Cafe, a hangout for steelworkers on the south side of this Hispanic-flavored city.
  24. tweenage
    • 2009 July 31, Ken Johnson, “Modernity Met With Hope and Despair”, New York Times:
      The drawings include charcoal portraits that have much of the snarly intensity of Kokoschka’s paintings and life studies of a scrawny, nude, tweenage girl that call to mind Egon Schiele , albeit with less overt eroticism.