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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-08-18 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-19).

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  1. allostasis
    • 2009 August 18, Natalie Angier, “Brain Is a Co-Conspirator in a Vicious Stress Loop”, New York Times:
      This system of so-called allostasis, of maintaining control through constant change, stands in contrast to the mechanisms of homeostasis that keep the pH level and oxygen concentration in the blood within a narrow and invariant range.
  2. cashers *
    • 2009 August 18, Christine Haughney, “City’s Poor Still Distrust Banks”, New York Times:
      Now, New Yorkers are walking past banks and credit unions on the way to check cashers, according to Pew: 86 percent of licensed check cashers in Manhattan are situated less than four blocks from a bank or credit union.
  3. courseload
    • 2009 August 18, Susan Dominus, “Connecting Anxious Parents and Educators, at $450 an Hour”, New York Times:
      A Type-A — make that A-plus — overachiever, even by New York standards, she skated competitively as a kid, finished M.I.T. in three and a half years, and tested out of a chunk of her courseload at Columbia Business School.
  4. encaged
    • 2009 August 18, Natalie Angier, “Brain Is a Co-Conspirator in a Vicious Stress Loop”, New York Times:
      To rattle the rats to the point where their stress response remained demonstrably hyperactive, the researchers exposed the animals to four weeks of varying stressors: moderate electric shocks, being encaged with dominant rats, prolonged dunks in water.
  5. nonstressed
  6. overtried
    • 2009 August 18, A. G. Sulzberger, “Astor Trial Plods on, Trying the Patience of Many”, New York Times:
      “It would appear to me that the case is being overtried by the district attorney’s office,” said Benjamin Brafman , a criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor.
  7. rousingly
  8. sascab
    • 2009 August 18, Marc Lacey, “A Battle as the Tide Takes Away Cancún Sand”, New York Times:
      As for the use of police tape, he said the unauthorized work, which included the introduction of a sand substitute known as sascab, was against the law and thus created a crime scene.
  9. seatholders
    • 2009 August 18, Judy Battista, “With Vick, the Eagles Up the Ante on the Wildcat”, New York Times:
      The Eagles incited anger among some of their fans — the team sent a letter to its premium seatholders essentially asking for patience and understanding — and created a potentially season-long distraction for a Super Bowl -caliber team, all for the tantalizing prospect of what Vick can do for the offense in a package of plays that last year was widely viewed as little more than a charming gimmick.
  10. sirt