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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-09-03 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-09-03).

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  1. amakudari
  2. aughties
  3. blousing -> blouse
    • 2009 September 3, Jack Curry, “Giants Leaning Heavily on Skinny Ace”, New York Times:
      It is compelling to watch Lincecum, his uniform jersey blousing over his slight frame, throw a ball so ferociously.
  4. caah
    • 2009 September 3, Patrick Healy, “A Mannah of Speaking”, New York Times:
      For many Bostonians with the accent, the r is replaced by “ah” or “aw” when the letter follows a vowel: “Color” becomes “cuh-lah,” “square” becomes “skway-ah,” and, of course, “car” becomes “caah.”
  5. caprock
    • 2009 September 3, James Glanz, “Energy Company Calls Halt to Drilling Project”, New York Times:
      Last month, federal scientists said that the company had fallen far behind schedule because a huge rig hired to drill down about 12,000 feet, or more than two miles, on federal land had not been able to pierce surface formations called caprock.
  6. cocoonlike
    • 2009 September 3, Barbara Graustark, “Pitching a Tent, Spectacularly”, New York Times:
      One of two centerpieces commissioned as a centennial homage to the 1909 Plan of Chicago by Daniel Burnham, Ms. Hadid’s cocoonlike structure was the last guest at the party: the pavilion by the Amsterdam-based UN Studio opened — on time — in June.
  7. counterperson
    • 2009 September 3, Janet Maslin, “Reflections on a Life Lived Way Outside the Box”, New York Times:
      He was sufficiently well assimilated to go with the flow, grow long hair and get a job in a record store, “where I became the very model of the snide know-it-all counterperson we have all met and loathed.”
  8. haredim
    • 2009 September 3, Isabel Kershner, “Religious-Secular Divide, Tugging at Israel’s Heart”, New York Times:
      Ultra-Orthodox Jews, known as haredim, or those who fear God, went to battle in years past to ensure observation of the Jewish Sabbath, and tried to force the closing of movie theaters and roads.
  9. kerjillionaires
    • 2009 September 3, Mike Albo, “Cubicle-Ready, With an Eye on the Budget”, New York Times:
      This led me to Syms, the discount clothing emporium that offers marked-down cubicle-wear for those of us who neglected to become kerjillionaires before midlife.
  10. mehadrin
  11. minisite
    • 2009 September 3, Warren Buckleitner, “A Full Palette of Tools for Little Artists at”, New York Times:
      Create, a minisite for Web creativity tools on , has Digital Painter at its core, with features that Photoshop users used to dream about: unlimited undo and redo, unlimited layers that can be moved after they’re placed, and no limits to the number of objects that can be stamped on the screen.
  12. overpromoting
    • 2009 September 3, Natasha Singer, “High Stakes for Merck in Litigation on Fosamax”, New York Times:
      Meanwhile, Mr. O’Brien, the lawyer for Mrs. Boles, has been using the case to put Fosamax itself on trial, contending that Merck as a corporation put patients at risk by overpromoting Fosamax and by not warning doctors who prescribe the drug about the potential for jawbone disintegration.
  13. piernas *
  14. pitot
    • 2009 September 3, Bloomberg News, “F.A.A. Orders New Speed Indicators for Jets”, New York Times:
      The air-speed indicators, called pitot tubes, became part of the crash inquiry after the A330-200 sent automated messages that air-speed sensors were malfunctioning.
  15. piu *
  16. quadpod
    • 2009 September 3, David Pogue, “Hollywood’s Great Scenes, Starring You”, New York Times:
      For $170, the company offers a kit containing a six-foot green cloth; a collapsible, X-shaped frame that stretches the cloth taut and keeps it vertical (called a quadpod — instead of tripod, get it?); a nice Web camera with stereo microphones, also suitable for Skype or other video programs; a remote control; and a software DVD.
  17. replugged
  18. sophmore
    • 2009 September 3, Greg Bishop, “American Men Looking for a Rebound”, New York Times:
      Below them are players like Devin Britton, at 18 the youngest singles champion in N.C.A.A. history this season at Mississippi, who lost to Roger Federer in the first round of the Open, and Chase Buchanan, a future pro who is a sophmore at Ohio State .
  19. unintimidating
    • 2009 September 3, Jack Curry, “Giants Leaning Heavily on Skinny Ace”, New York Times:
      Lincecum uses his whole body, an unintimidating 170 pounds, to unleash baseballs that zoom in at 98 miles per hour.