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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-09-14 issue of the New York Times which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-09-14).

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  1. accomplis *
  2. architeuthis
  3. coyotelike
    • 2009 September 14, Steve Smith, “A Lesson in Jamming for the Philharmonic”, New York Times:
      Just before it faded, a coyotelike howl of approval sounded from a balcony. Ms. Staples gamely acknowledged her admirer with a smile that was surely as incredulous as it was appreciative.
  4. dissonantly
    • 2009 September 14, Allan Kozinn, “Austrian Avant-Garde: Eerie Textures and Text”, New York Times:
      The graceful, otherworldly sounds on which the first movement was built gave way to sharply articulated, dissonantly blaring woodwind and brass chords, and eventually to a mechanistic passage that combined rumbling low notes and a steady, searing high pitch.
  5. enflame
    • 2009 September 14, Ross Douthat, “The Ghosts of 1994”, New York Times:
      The bad news for Democrats is that actually passing a health care bill could further enflame these anxieties.
  6. exuberate
    • 2009 September 14, Catherine Rampell, “Same Old Hope: This Bubble Is Different”, New York Times:
      But century after century, decade after decade and year after year, human beings irrationally exuberate all over again.
  7. faits *
  8. klompen
  9. linseman
  10. minibaptism
  11. ministudio
    • 2009 September 14, Michael Cieply, “At Toronto Film Festival, Cautions on Documentaries”, New York Times:
      Overture, a relatively new ministudio, has had some success with films like “The Visitor,” which this year earned an Oscar nomination for its lead, Richard Jenkins, but is still looking for a major hit.
  12. newsie
    • 2009 September 14, David Carr, “After Safe Exit, a Journalist Returns”, New York Times:
      Sure, being a newsie is a grind, the hours are not great and the public holds us in lower esteem than the women who work the poles at Satin Dolls down the road from the Tick Tock in Lodi, but it beats working by a mile.
  13. prerock
    • 2009 September 14, Ben Ratliff, “Indie Rock Enhanced With Mildew”, New York Times:
      I can’t swim!” Mr. Yow’s body language was furtive and prerock, suggesting a knowledge of Hawaiian dancing and the way to act around nervous horses.
  14. scrabbly
    • 2009 September 14, Ben Ratliff, “Indie Rock Enhanced With Mildew”, New York Times:
      Animal Collective used to sound scratchy and scrabbly, but now its shows, made almost entirely with live electronics, are sounding like extended dance mixes, fattened up with reverb, high vocal harmonies and tribal rhythms.
  15. symbologist
    • 2009 September 14, Janet Maslin, “Fasten Your Seat Belts, There’s Code to Crack”, New York Times:
      Dr. Solomon accompanies Robert Langdon, the rare symbologist who warrants the word dashing as both adjective and verb, through much of this novel, his third rip-snorting adventure.
  16. tournamentreferee
    • 2009 September 14, George Vecsey, “Clijsters Shows Maturity in Championship Comeback”, New York Times:
      To his credit, Brian Earley , the tournamentreferee, did not do what the officials did to poor Frank Hammond in 1979, on the night McEnroe and Ilie Nastase staged an ugly demonstration.
  17. unearthings
    • 2009 September 14, Ben Ratliff, “Indie Rock Enhanced With Mildew”, New York Times:
      This year’s unearthings were the Jesus Lizard, from Chicago, which hasn’t been on the road in 10 years, as well as Suicide, from New York City, and the Feelies, from New Jersey, two bands that have seldom performed in that time.