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  1. alkalinising
    Their powerful acidity has a paradoxical alkalinising effect on the body, neutralising fatigue and stimulating the digestion and promoting the elimination of toxins
  2. anoraked
    It is as if God had an extra jar of comic talent and for a joke gave it to a nerdy, anoraked northern chemist
  3. arthouse
    As money has dried up, low-revenue arthouse films have all but disappeared from distribution lists
  4. blogspeak
    Last July, however, Jobs, 53, appeared at an Apple event looking thin, which soon became "gaunt" in blogspeak
  5. chanteuse
    Cheryl Cole The Girls Aloud chanteuse has much to thank The X Factor for
  6. eco
    When does an appliance reach its eco break-even point
  7. fannying
    Certainly some "fannying about" in the Arctic - Richard and his son with snow in their eyebrows doing challenging things "as a family"
  8. homebuilding
    It will mean an end to Milton Keynes's low-density nature in favour of the kind of high-density homebuilding that many fear will characterise British towns from now on
  9. hotpants
    Maykel González, an ebony beauty, scythed down the walkway on Rollerblades wearing nothing but sparkling gold hotpants, a magnificent Afro and a coy smile
  10. inkpad
    Each VSLA has a stamp and inkpad, passbooks, calculator and a small metallic box with three latches for extra security
  11. journalistically
    Artists and intellectuals initially hailed the revolution, but passion cooled when poets such as Heberto Padilla were jailed and free-thinking newspapers such as Lunes were replaced by communist party mouthpieces such as Granma - "as journalistically attractive throughout its decades of existence as the telephone list of an army barracks," observed Volker Skierka, a Castro biographer
  12. logicality
    Will Hutton is usually a byword for logicality, but his support for a third Heathrow runway is anything but
  13. medicalised
    These clubs could become multidisciplinary: mental health services, education, leisure and social care departments could pool their budgets through the clubs to provide consistent loving care for these children, as opposed to the medicalised, institutionalised intervention currently provided
  14. overspill
    New towns were to accommodate "overspill" from established cities
  15. revisionists
    When belatedly and after much shiftiness, the west intervened, Pinter joined the International Committee to Defend Slobodan Milosevic, a shady organisation made up Slavophile revisionists and western apologists
  16. saferooms
    The Home Front Command ordered residents in Sderot and the Gaza periphery within a 20-kilometre radius of the Strip to stay inside reinforced saferooms for as long as possible
  17. sika
    Venison appears to be the top target for gangs as they hunt red, fallow, sika and roe deer, often using illegal weapons, traps and snares which cause unnecessary suffering as wounded animals are left to die slowly
  18. steeling
    Presumably we are supposed to cast Gordon in the role of Winston Churchill, steeling our resolve never to surrender in the total economic war visited upon us
  19. trousered
    "Too many of our front bench look as though they have just trousered a City bonus," writes Coulson
  20. victimiser
    Pinter was adamant that the Serbian national socialist was a victim rather than a victimiser
  21. vs
    Two films are being touted by Hollywood to lead the 3D revolution: Monsters vs Aliens, an animated blockbuster from DreamWorks, which will be released at the end of March, and Avatar, director James Cameron's first film since the multi-Oscar-winning Titanic (1997)
  22. wellwishers
    Last night friends and wellwishers attached floral tributes to the front windows of the pub in Market Street in the centre of Heywood, located between Bury and Rochdale to the north of Manchester
  23. womble
    "A sweet national joke with funny ears, who looks like a womble