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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-04 issue of The Observer which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  • Total recognized tokens: 50234
  • Total valid lowercase tokens: 39930
  • Total unique types: 6574
  • Initial new-word count (before removal of lemma duplicates, typos, etc.): 36 (~0.548%)


  1. abrim
  2. batoned
  3. blisterfoil
  4. camerawork
  5. controv
  6. deradicalisation
  7. editionalising
  8. epiphenomena
  9. flipflopped
  10. foodnet
  11. formers
  12. fretters
    • 2009 January 4, David Mitchell, “David Mitchell: Does my bum look big in this stress?”, The Observer:
      I wouldn't be surprised if another survey were to find that the people who worry least cause most worries in others and that inveterate fretters are less of a burden on society.
  13. frugalism
  14. hyperconsumption
  15. lightfooted
  16. lupophiles
  17. moneyspinner
  18. neurophysicist
    • 2009 January 4, Vanessa Thorpe, “Epic romance is reborn as Thorn Birds, the musical”, The Observer:
      McCullough wrote the first draft of her hit novel in just three months in the evenings after her day job as an impoverished neurophysicist working in the laboratories at Yale University in America.
  19. oversaturated
  20. photoshoot
    • 2009 January 4, Tracy McVeigh and Morwenna Ferrier, “Wigs are back as Christmas sales soar”, The Observer:
      Designer Marc Jacobs wore one for a recent photoshoot and Pixie Geldof has been photographed frequently in hers.
  21. reinstallation
  22. replastering
  23. rewilder
  24. rewilders
  25. scaremongering
    • 2009 January 4, Jason Burke, “France braced for 'rebirth of violent left' and related terrorism”, The Observer:
      While some believe such claims to be scaremongering, the present political atmosphere is tense, with many among right-wing President Nicolas Sarkozy's aides fearing a repeat of the violence in Athens last month, when angry and alienated young people and a hard core of violent left-wing extremists rioted for several days, causing significant damage and bringing the city to a halt.
  26. strugglers
    • 2009 January 4, “The Observer: Observer Sport”, The Observer:
      Football: Championship strugglers Nottingham Forest humiliated Manchester City in the FA Cup
  27. tipsheet
  28. tradeshow
    • 2009 January 4, David Smith, “'Wireless power' spells end for cables”, The Observer:
      Untethered lighting, audio speakers and digital picture frames are expected to be among the first commercial products demonstrated in Las Vegas this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show, the world's biggest gadgets tradeshow.
  29. undisputedly
  30. unimaginably
    • 2009 January 4, Paul Harris, “Paul Harris: Frugality is cool in the cash-strapped US”, The Observer:
      As it prepares to inaugurate a new president, America is also trying to forge a fresh identity in a world unimaginably different from the one inherited by George W Bush only eight years ago.
  31. untouchability
    • 2009 January 4, Lionel Shriver, “Lionel Shriver: Don't be fooled by the 'little' woman”, The Observer:
      Second, women who take risky political positions can generate a halo of untouchability only if the opposition has some scruples, worries about gaining a reputation for tyrannising the weak and can therefore be embarrassed.