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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-08 issue of The Observer which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-08).

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  1. babyboomer
    • 2009 March 8, Tracy McVeigh, “Baby boom Britain won't retire quietly”, The Observer:
      The first wave of the babyboomer generation, taken as those born between 1943 and 1960, are hitting 65 and they are, according to feminist author and academic Professor Sheila Rowbotham, 65, nothing if not a vocal lot with high expectations. "
  2. babyboomers
    • 2009 March 8, Tracy McVeigh, “Baby boom Britain won't retire quietly”, The Observer:
      The "bulge" is only going to last about 30 years before the demographics right themselves and the babyboomers all go to "the great retirement home in the sky" said Magnus. "
  3. bevvying
    • 2009 March 8, Kevin McKenna, “Kevin McKenna: Enough. I'm away for a wee swally”, The Observer:
      There shall be no bevvying," he growled, mindful of the fact that the world would scrutinise the personal conduct of these latterday Macleans, Maxtons and Shinwells in their historic fight for their jobs.
  4. boomerangst
    • 2009 March 8, Tracy McVeigh, “Baby boom Britain won't retire quietly”, The Observer:
      Materialism and fashions dominated by youthful energy and sexual imagery could disappear under the weight of what economist George Magnus calls "boomerangst" - the interest of babyboomers in the implications of their ageing and an older society.
  5. clawhammer
  6. haircutter
    • 2009 March 8, “Your Letters”, The Observer:
      Tell him to buy a home haircutter (about £10) and do it himself.
  7. indictees
    • 2009 March 8, Peter Beaumont, “US army 'had opportunities to grab Mladic'”, The Observer:
      In another interview with the BalkanInsight last week, Ingrao added that the US prohibition on capturing suspects "was so proscriptive that not a single one of more that 50 indictees was apprehended by IFOR during the first 18 months of its deployment in Bosnia".
  8. liposuctioning (is there really a verb? SemperBlotto 08:53, 8 March 2009 (UTC))
    • 2009 March 8, Angela Brooks, “Stem cells may repair breast cancer damage”, The Observer:
      Although some surgeons have had short-term success with simple fat transfers - liposuctioning fat from elsewhere and injecting it into the breast hollow - the blob of fat struggles to get a decent blood supply.
  9. lipsync *
    • 2009 March 8, Elizabeth Day, “Off the wall but still invincible”, The Observer:
      He has no new material, there are concerns about his physical fitness, and he will probably lipsync rather than perform live, but the frenzied anticipation among die-hard fans is already bubbling over.
  10. unnegotiable
  11. unsleeping


  1. amai *
    • 2009 March 8, Tracy McVeigh and Alex Duval Smith, “Zimbabwe in mourning for Susan Tsvangirai”, The Observer:
      Their four oldest children were last night on their way back to Zimbabwe from their homes in Australia and South Africa, while ordinary Zimbabweans from Harare and beyond where making a pilgrimage to the Tsvangirais' home to pay their respects to the family of the woman they called amai - mother - of Zimbabwe.
  2. ishq
  3. passeur (French)
  4. troosers