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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-15 issue of The Observer which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-15).

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  1. anecdotage
  2. charidee
  3. cornerman
  4. fairweather
  5. gaaing
  6. hotpots
  7. innercity
    • 2009 March 15, Nick Cohen, “It's little wonder liberal Muslims feel betrayed”, The Observer:
      On the other, Jack Straw and Gordon Brown engage in serpentine contortions as they attempt to cover all bases and keep potential voters in Labour's innercity seats happy.
  8. lavatorial
    • 2009 March 15, Oliver Marre, “Pendennis: The Observer Diary, by Oliver Marre”, The Observer:
      There's much chortling among Conservatives because Downing Street has made its second planning application in as many years for lavatorial refurbishments.
  9. leylandii
  10. organogram
  11. predicator
  12. predicators
    • 2009 March 15, Robin McKie, “Swifts may hold secret of staying young”, The Observer:
      "We have shown for the first time that telomeres are powerful predicators of how long an individual is going to live.
  13. slebs
    • 2009 March 15, Barbara Ellen, “Barbara Ellen: Why 'rape-lite' myths fill us with dread”, The Observer:
      When will "slebs" realise it's not about them, their aching tootsies that evidently couldn't hack a first-class cabin or even them giving (spare us the guff about "their precious time")?