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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-01-20 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created.

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  1. calcifications
    • 2009 January 20, DocsTheYou, “Here's a brainy idea - how about a little music?”, Toronto Star:
      In a group of people ages 35 to 47, those who got more sleep each night had a lower chance of developing calcifications in their arteries in the next five years.
  2. collateralizing
    • 2009 January 20, Perry Lefko, “Province's help key to Fort Erie track deal”, Toronto Star:
      "We're asking the province to back our offer based on collateralizing the property and nothing is extraordinary in terms of the values here," Thibert said.
  3. coverages
  4. divinization
  5. everywoman
    • 2009 January 20, David Graham, “Presenting a different style of First Lady”, Toronto Star:
      From her curve-hugging shifts to her confident embrace of colour, Michelle's approach to dressing is less fashion icon and more everywoman.
  6. maryjanes
    • 2009 January 20, Tracy Nesdoly, “How you, too, can look and talk like Obama”, Toronto Star:
      Soon you will have to be seen with two charming little girls in perfect dresses, shiny maryjanes and a Labradoodle or a Portuguese water dog (we're hoping for the latter, please ... so much more interesting).
  7. medicare
    • 2009 January 20, Les Whittington, “Ignatieff decries Harper's 'plan'”, Toronto Star:
      He said, for him, the Liberals defined Canada by championing medicare and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and by addressing such issues as same-sex marriage.
  8. nonmusicians
  9. nuevo
  10. onpass
    • 2009 January 20, RITA TRICHUR, “Banks urged to match full rate cut”, Toronto Star:
      While most expect the central bank to cut again today, not everyone is convinced commercial banks will onpass the full savings.
  11. showcourt
    • 2009 January 20, John Pye, “Red-hot Murray catches early break Down Under”, Toronto Star:
      She had another first-round match to watch later, with sixth-seeded Venus opening against Germany's Angelique Kerber on the second showcourt.
  12. striver
    • 2009 January 20, “DVD REVIEWS”, Toronto Star:
      Rob Brown ( Stop-Loss ) as Davis is the picture of the relentless striver, overcoming family struggles, blatant racism (football helmets also serve to deflect flying bottles) and physical limitations (he stutters).
  13. valkyr
    • 2009 January 20, “DVD REVIEWS”, Toronto Star:
      I remember a fictitious street drug, "valkyr.
  14. zzzs
    • 2009 January 20, DocsTheYou, “Here's a brainy idea - how about a little music?”, Toronto Star:
      Despite legendary high-achieving short sleepers, including Bill Clinton and Margaret Thatcher, going without zzzs is far more likely to make you fat, grumpy and ineffective than to get you a promotion or a Nobel Prize (or help you keep your current job).