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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-02-17 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-02-17).

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  1. aircrafts
    • 2009 February 17, Emily Mathieu, “Ground turboprop aircraft, expert says”, Toronto Star:
      My concern is with the failure in the certification process in the United States in light of accidents involving aircrafts similarly designed, which was the ATR-72."
  2. groovers
    • 2009 February 17, “CD REVIEWS”, Toronto Star:
      "Saturday Groovers" relishes in smelling "the smoke from the lungs of the Saturday groovers" with jubilant, T. Rex-like swagger, then situates the reminiscence in a present fraught with "heart disease and gout." "
  3. lollapalooza
    • 2009 February 17, James Travers, “Harper's political payoff is the photo-op”, Toronto Star:
      Far from the grand events that were once considered – speaking to Parliament or a more modest version of the lollapalooza that brought millions into Chicago streets – this six-hour hi-how-are-you redefines low key.
  4. ponderings
    • 2009 February 17, “CD REVIEWS”, Toronto Star:
      Goodnight Oslo balances mirth and macabre in customary fashion, offering a woozy love song in "TLC" (for Triptisol, Librium and Carbatrol) to the three drugs that make a partner bearable, and a dissection of human romance on "Intricate Thing" packed with cryptic ponderings like: "You're not just friends / You're not just bodies by the window / Bodies in the lounge / Bodies by the small settee."
  5. showrunners
    • 2009 February 17, Rob Salem, “Disc an homage to horror hosts”, Toronto Star:
      While Whedon and his team remain resolutely (and unrealistically) optimistic, the Terminator showrunners seem resolved to the inevitable, and committed to giving fans some kind of closure by winding up the series storyline at the end of this season.
  6. stuffings
  7. transnationalism
    • 2009 February 17, Bruce DeMara, “10-day arts festival to highlight life of Poe”, Toronto Star:
      While Luminato has co-commissioned the work, Weems said she decided unilaterally to include footage of Toronto in the piece after visiting here last summer and seeing how well the city fits into its theme of transnationalism and communication in our increasingly wired world.
  8. unsufferable
    • 2009 February 17, “Pick of the week: morrissey”, Toronto Star:
      None of this is enough to completely save Years of Refusal, but it's enough that one must once again concede, yes, we will miss this unsufferable crank when he's gone.
  9. vampirish
    • 2009 February 17, Rob Salem, “Disc an homage to horror hosts”, Toronto Star:
      Flaherty based the vampirish character – secretly the sideline of SCTV news anchor Floyd Robertson – on an actual 1950s horror host from his native Pittsburgh, KDKA-TV's "Igor," similarly depicted by moonlighting staff announcer George Eisenhauer.