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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-09 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-09).

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  1. buzzphrase
    • 2009 March 9, Jim Coyle, “The NDP leadership race goes to the toughest”, Toronto Star:
      Especially in an age when government is no longer seen as problem but solution, when deficits are no longer anathema and stimulus is the new buzzphrase.
  2. dayboy
  3. drumbeating
    • 2009 March 9, Jim Coyle, “The NDP leadership race goes to the toughest”, Toronto Star:
      Even her entrance to the hall Saturday, a drumbeating conga line like something out of a tacky wedding reception, was, in it's way, delightfully real.
  4. muguet *
    • 2009 March 9, Luca Turin, “Eden's fruit scent”, Toronto Star:
      Things only get weirder: delectable and painful in turns, RDW excels in drawing you near with a fresh, juicy lychee scent only to zap you with a jolt of powerful, painful muguet aldehydes when you get too close.
  5. peplums
    • 2009 March 9, David Graham, “Space-age fashion is so last season”, Toronto Star:
      The collection was filled with exaggerated, structured shoulders and moulded peplums on black shimmering gowns.
  6. ponzionomics
    • 2009 March 9, “End times for ponzionomics?”, Toronto Star:
      Although Thomas Walkom may be accused by some of wielding the whip of economic gloom and chaos just the way pessimists like to be flogged, the fact remains that today's ponzionomics has enabled those who should know better to buy and sell unregulated securities backed by unverifiable assets, assuming that they exist at all, built on the assumption that no one will call their bluff.


  1. scientology *
    • 2009 March 9, “Cruise questioned as role model”, Toronto Star:
      Does this explain his jumping up and down on a couch before a bemused Oprah and her multitude of viewers, or his outlandish statements on behalf of scientology?