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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-13 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-13).

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  1. bamboozlers

|passage=Then along came the billionaire bamboozlers – the Madoffs, Ebbers, et al. ⁽}

  1. bodychecked
    • 2009 March 13, “GMs skate around fights”, Toronto Star:
      Another 24 per cent of fights are payback after a player is (legally) bodychecked.
  2. bromance
  3. bromantic
  4. catechins
    • 2009 March 13, DocsTheYou, “`Low fat' label an invitation to overeat”, Toronto Star:
      The risk-reducing antioxidants in this brew, called catechins, quickly lose their power in stored tea and even more so in your intestine.
  5. disciplinarily
  6. halaqa
    • 2009 March 13, Isabel Teotonio, “RCMP mole's conduct defended”, Toronto Star:
      Neander also said that while at the December 2005 camp, which took place in Washago, Ont., Shaikh delivered a "halaqa" that tempered the ringleader's jihadi rhetoric and exhortations to destroy "Rome," a reference to western nations.
  7. jetsetting
    • 2009 March 13, Jim Fitzgerald, “Madoff's wife faces grilling on family cash”, Toronto Star:
      NEW YORK–If Ruth Madoff hopes to hold onto her fancy apartment, her millions in cash and her jetsetting lifestyle while her husband is in prison, experts have some advice for her: Get ready for an inquisition.
  8. pelletizing
    • 2009 March 13, Donovan Vincent, “Majora Carter made her waterfront sparkle”, Toronto Star:
      There were also four power plants, a sewage sludge pelletizing plant, a sewage treatment plant, and seemingly countless diesel trucks, she said in an interview yesterday.
  9. reconsolidating
    • 2009 March 13, Joseph Hall, “Science a step closer to the Spotless Mind”, Toronto Star:
      The scientist whose work in reconsolidating memory inspired the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind said Josselyn's team has found "one of the Holy Grails" of memory work.
  10. rehauled
  11. ruching
    • 2009 March 13, David Graham, “Timely fashion”, Toronto Star:
      There was dense ruching on short bubble skirts.
  12. uninsightful
    • 2009 March 13, Robert Crew, “Layne's play sadly misses Carole”, Toronto Star:
      The play, now at Theatre Passe Muraille, is an uninsightful memoir of a trip that he and Carole took to Mexico in a last-ditch attempt to find a cure for the painful cancer that was consuming her.