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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-16 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-16).

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  1. anthemics
    • 2009 March 16, Ben Rayner, “Hot sounds”, Toronto Star:
      Passionate anthemics, prog-rock twists and turns, and several Hendrix-ian guitar burnouts by self-aware showman Patrick Krief aimed straight for the cheap seats and left everyone feeling pleasantly dazed.
  2. burgundies
    • 2009 March 16, Susan Sampson, “The Puck stops here”, Toronto Star:
      Denzel Washington is a wine expert with a fondness for red burgundies.
  3. comanaged
    • 2009 March 16, Robin Graham, “Living a life we never imagined”, Toronto Star:
      How do you cope with a family and work life built to be comanaged by two now that it's just you?
  4. interuniversity
    • 2009 March 16, “Ravens soar to sixth CIS title”, Toronto Star:
      OTTAWA – Stuart Turnbull scored 22 points as the top-ranked Carleton Ravens defeated the No.3 UBC Thunderbirds 87-77 yesterday to capture the Canadian interuniversity sport men's basketball championship.
  5. nonrelated
    • 2009 March 16, Rosie DiManno, “Torment echoes down the ages”, Toronto Star:
      Yet the widespread torturing of women – rape as a tactical weapon of war in Bosnia, public lashings in Saudi Arabia for merely speaking to nonrelated males, acid attacks and immolation in Pakistan – receives comparatively lesser outrage.
  6. retardical
  7. scrubbings
    • 2009 March 16, Linda Diebel, “Nation of lost souls”, Toronto Star:
      "Your people loved you but they didn't know how to look after you," the woman apparently said, as she incessantly went about her nightly scrubbings.
  8. sludgemakers
    • 2009 March 16, Ben Rayner, “Hot sounds”, Toronto Star:
      Solitary Calgarian VanGaalen strikes me as a chap who spends a lot of time analyzing his own every move, so I got the sense he'd purposefully stacked his set list on this night to cue up monstrously heavy (and totally awesome) local sludgemakers Quest for Fire, the act next on the bill.
  9. smuck
  10. trepalium
    • 2009 March 16, Katherine barber, “Travel can still be torture”, Toronto Star:
      This may come as no surprise if you've begun your March Break and have squabbling kids in the back seat: the trepalium, from tres (three) and palus (a stake or pointed stick).
  11. workboots
    • 2009 March 16, Diana Zlomislic, “Robin Kay clearly runs this show”, Toronto Star:
      Kay hollers to two tech guys in workboots who are plodding down the white landing strip recently laid in the middle of the tents.


  1. netter
    • 2009 March 16, Paul Hunter, “Leafs' Grabovski benefits from crash course”, Toronto Star:
      And when you see Grabovski on the ice in the final minute, with Toronto clinging to a one-goal lead, as was the case in the Leafs' 8-6 win over Calgary Saturday, a victory the 25-year-old clinched with an empty netter, it is quite possible hell has indeed frozen over.