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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-19 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-19).

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  1. clotheses
  2. colateral
  3. confrontationally
    • 2009 March 19, Iain Marlow, “Burnett Thall, 86: Star visionary”, Toronto Star:
      Many yesterday remembered Thall as a "gentleman" who never raised his voice, acted illogically, talked down to anyone, behaved confrontationally or swore.
  4. drydown
    • 2009 March 19, “Smell it”, Toronto Star:
      Pleasant with a clean musk drydown, it's functional for the price.
  5. gak
    • 2009 March 19, Joel Rubinoff, “It's not a dream: They're back”, Toronto Star:
      Unsure what to make of it, I flicked on Entertainment Tonight (7:30 p.m. weekdays on NBC, Global) to find – gak – his sister Marie, who served her own headline-grabbing stint on Dancing two seasons ago, being treated like visiting royalty by the outrageously overcaffeinated Mary Hart.
  6. investible
    • 2009 March 19, Tyler Hamilton, “Solar energy giants discovering Ontario”, Toronto Star:
      A feed-in tariff, said Roscheisen, "makes the market predictable and thus investible for the kinds of long-term, fundamental technology improvements and investments that will ultimately make solar a mainstream energy source.
  7. jabots *
    • 2009 March 19, Bernadette Morra, “They know how to hustle at Bustle”, Toronto Star:
      Caoc drew kudos for his architectural shoulder frills, sash-tied suits, gold silk bodysuits with rippling jabots, and sculptural bronze jackets.
  8. offsite
    • 2009 March 19, Mitch Potter, “`Big win' for Canada in border meetings”, Toronto Star:
      Van Loan said Napolitano also agreed to "look in a new light" at the concept of pre-clearing U.S.-bound Canadian trade goods at offsite locations in order to facilitate quick passage at land borders.
  9. overregulation
    • 2009 March 19, Donovan Vincent, “Street cart vendors grilled on food safety”, Toronto Star:
      Chafing at suggestions that "overregulation" prevented more vendors from participating in Toronto's street food pilot project, the councillor spearheading the initiative says several weren't approved because of food safety issues.
  10. rehabilitators
    • 2009 March 19, Barbara Turnbull, “New book is proof that emotions can run wild”, Toronto Star:
      The book is based on Poulsen's decades of raising, teaching, rehabilitating, comforting, training and learning from bears – troubleshooting work that keeps her in high demand with zoos, sanctuaries, wildlife rehabilitators and animal welfare groups globally.
  11. shab
  12. skronk
    • 2009 March 19, Ben Rayner, “From Mississippi Delta by way of Parkdale”, Toronto Star:
      She was not permitted to leave once Fleming and LaRue realized how invaluable her harmonies and an added layer of propulsive organ skronk were becoming to their vision.
  13. spasmatic
    • 2009 March 19, Joel Rubinoff, “It's not a dream: They're back”, Toronto Star:
      Isn't it enough they terrorized an entire generation with their spasmatic '70s variety show that saw Donny toppling into oversized cream pies while Marie joked about purple socks and tittered girlishly from the sidelines?
  14. stockpickers
  15. superbionic
    • 2009 March 19, Bernadette Morra, “They know how to hustle at Bustle”, Toronto Star:
      "I made up my own superbionic woman from some of the women in my private life," Caoc said backstage.
  16. unheritance
    • 2009 March 19, James Daw, “Where there's a will ...”, Toronto Star:
      "`He's getting the inheritance, and I'm getting an unheritance because he moved back with her.'
  17. unreligious
    • 2009 March 19, Diaa Hadid, “Israeli army out to catch young female draft evaders”, Toronto Star:
      With more 18-year-old females claiming religious modesty as grounds for exemption from military life, Israel's army is hiring investigators to spy on suspected draft evaders, catching them doing decidedly unreligious things.
  18. wimpiness
    • 2009 March 19, Rosie DiManno, “My proud, beautiful Stefanie”, Toronto Star:
      Turn-offs: Rudeness, disrespect of older people, discrimination of any kind, "wimpiness," racism, lack of faith.
  19. yeaaargh