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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-03-25 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-03-25).

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  1. compulsories
  2. fuggedaboutit
    • 2009 March 25, Rob Salem, “Developments for Arrested crew”, Toronto Star:
      Thomas is otherwise much admired for the late, lamented Veronica Mars , which, after Arrested and The Sopranos (fuggedaboutit – David Chase has moved on), is the third most talked-about TV movie spinoff ( Sex and the City , already a theatrical hit, no longer qualifies).
  3. groundballs
  4. hiving
  5. inexistent
    • 2009 March 25, Chantal Hébert, “Layton's star turns to dust as coalition fails”, Toronto Star:
      According to the same poll, Layton's coattails are, at best, inexistent outside Quebec and in that province, they don't seem sturdy enough to stop the NDP from slipping back into oblivion.
  6. ridgelines
    • 2009 March 25, Bill McKibben, “The fierce urgency of now”, Toronto Star:
      I live in the mountains above Lake Champlain, where the wind blows strong along the ridgelines.
  7. roaders
    • 2009 March 25, Bill Schiller, “Economic bust is big boom for Mao”, Toronto Star:
      It has also bolstered the belief of Utopia's clients that Mao had it right all along: Cleave to communism – the capitalist roaders are doomed.
  8. synchronistic
    • 2009 March 25, Rob Salem, “Developments for Arrested crew”, Toronto Star:
      Now here's where it gets ridiculously synchronistic: the original designated showrunner of 90210 was Rob Thomas, who left early on to focus on the reboot of his own '90s series, Cupid , which debuts next Tuesday.
  9. undipped
    • 2009 March 25, Kim Honey, “Peppermint patties”, Toronto Star:
      Dip each cookie halfway into chocolate; set upright on undipped edge on wax or parchment paper until firm.