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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-04-13 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-22).

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  1. alkalines
    • 2009 April 13, Allan Woods, “Low-tech batteries power Canadas high-tech army in Afghanistan”, Toronto Star:
      Apart from performing well in all temperatures, lithium batteries are half the weight of alkaline batteries providing possible savings in shipping costs but the cost per unit is three times that of alkalines.
  2. bittersweetly
    • 2009 April 13, Rob Salem, “All's well that ends well”, Toronto Star:
      But, ultimately, we must trust in Butt, whose comic creative vision has remained so unerringly consistent from the show's break-out debut 106 episodes ago right up to tonight's bittersweetly fond farewell.
  3. buzzphrase
    • 2009 April 13, Jim Coyle, “MPP looks from here to eternity”, Toronto Star:
      And from around the Legislature, as his bill progressed, MPPs took a welcome break from the ghastly contemporary buzzphrase of "going forward" to do a little looking back.
  4. chowed
  5. consciousnessbecause
    • 2009 April 13, Robert Cribb, “Getting a real glow on”, Toronto Star:
      But it has remained on the outer fringes of male consciousnessbecause of the hassle, cost and instinctive male skepticism that says any treatment using light wavelengths is new age voodoo.
  6. loblolly pine
  7. loileting
  8. seadoo
    • 2009 April 13, “Keep seadoo away from Day”, Toronto Star:
      With International Trade Minister Stockwell Day in China for a seven-day visit, let's pray our representative doesn't decide to buzz up the Yangtze River on a seadoo for any photos ops.
  9. slobberknocker
  10. subtletly
    • 2009 April 13, John Terauds, “Dynamic drama comes close to ideal”, Toronto Star:
      He can sing and act with uncommon subtletly, endowing the first doge of Genoa with a three-dimensionality not common on opera stages.
  11. thedemands
    • 2009 April 13, Robert Cribb, “Getting a real glow on”, Toronto Star:
      For the typical male, unused to thedemands of a skin-care regimen, this process will feel odd.
  12. tro *
  13. wartorn
    • 2009 April 13, Vit Wagner, “In search of the so-called truth”, Toronto Star:
      Expat Serbian journalist and author Dragan Todorovic figured that relocating to England three years ago would be a snap, compared to the adjustment of moving to Canada from his wartorn homeland a decade earlier.