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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-04-22 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-22).

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  1. booers
  2. brettanomyces
  3. chapli
    • 2009 April 22, Susan Sampson, “STAIN alive”, Toronto Star:
      Try wrangling a chapli kebab with a plastic fork or ripping a rubbery, fully loaded injera with one hand.
  4. chaturanga
    • 2009 April 22, Barbara Turnbull, “BYOD to the yoga studio”, Toronto Star:
      In chaturanga, dogs sit with their front paws in the air while their human partners provide support.
  5. cyclings
    • 2009 April 22, Tonda MacCharles, “Mounties back off taser tale”, Toronto Star:
      Because that is the case, he said, the RCMP has dropped wording that warns against multiple cyclings of the weapon's electrical charge, or against discharging it for longer than 15 to 20 seconds.
  6. doga *
    • 2009 April 22, Barbara Turnbull, “BYOD to the yoga studio”, Toronto Star:
      Now doga classes have reached the West Coast and several cities between.
  7. dumpsite
    • 2009 April 22, Christopher Hume, “Disposables a luxury we must trash”, Toronto Star:
      Same thing with the plastic bag, which has grown so ubiquitous, it's well on the way to turning Earth into one vast dumpsite.
  8. dumpsites
    • 2009 April 22, Christopher Hume, “Disposables a luxury we must trash”, Toronto Star:
      Trucking tonnes of garbage to Michigan or dumpsites closer to home doesn't get rid of the problem, it only highlights our failure to deal with it.
  9. fiadone
  10. frugalist
  11. insistance
    • 2009 April 22, “PM must focus on savings jobs”, Toronto Star:
      His insistance that they deepen the recession by throwing more people out of work is simply making millions of working people fear for their own future.
  12. kesari
  13. kothu
  14. kurma
    • 2009 April 22, Tamsyn Burgmann, “Amma offers Indian fusion served with mother's hospitality”, Toronto Star:
      From the north, fresh asparagus and carrots are luscious in creamy coconut curry (veg kurma, $7.99), peas are just shy of being dry in cashew gravy (green peas masala, $7.99) and hunks of firm cottage cheese float in tomato sauce (paneer butter masala, $8.99).
  15. lawncare
    • 2009 April 22, Catherine Porter, “Bugs, cornstarch replace pesticides today”, Toronto Star:
      We were thinking about getting another telephone line to handle all the calls," said Lorelei Hepburn, owner of The Environmental Factor, an organic lawncare company that brought two new top-selling organic pesticides to the market: a liquid corn gluten that keeps weed seeds from germinating, and the Nemaglobe, a cornstarch ball full of nematodes, microscopic worms that attack the hated white grub.
  16. oozables
    • 2009 April 22, Susan Sampson, “STAIN alive”, Toronto Star:
      Burritos are packed with oozables.
  17. overpackaging
  18. parotta
  19. peasanty
    • 2009 April 22, Bernadette Morra, “Jewellery reflects designer's simple life”, Toronto Star:
      Mannequins dressed in peasanty, Richie-flavoured frocks, displayed her domed leather and crystal rings, starburst pendants and studded leather gladiator cuffs, priced from $25.
  20. piledriving
    • 2009 April 22, Tess Kalinowski, “GO plans anger residents”, Toronto Star:
      "You can't talk on the phone, you can't think a coherent thought," she said of the deafening piledriving that has gone on daily since January and could continue all year.
  21. rustica *
  22. starchitecture
  23. tatooed
    • 2009 April 22, Mark Zwolinski, “Jays' Halladay roughed up”, Toronto Star:
      Rod Barajas tatooed a Frank Francisco fastball down the line at third for what would have been at least two runs.
  24. toxicologies
    • 2009 April 22, “Florida police launch probe into polo tragedy”, Toronto Star:
      It may take weeks to complete toxicologies to pin down the cause of what veterinarians believe was a swift toxic reaction that killed the horses, which were all from the Lechuza Polo team.
  25. traditionial
  26. vanjaram