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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-05-08 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-22).

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  1. alcools *
    • 2009 May 8, Andrew Chung, “'Pirate' Niagara wine beats worlds best”, Toronto Star:
      But the results were only made public yesterday with the release of the latest Cellier magazine, published for Quebec's liquor authority, the Socit des alcools du Qubec.
  2. alzheimers
  3. arkestra
    • 2009 May 8, Ben Rayner, “He's the one: Boss shakes ACC”, Toronto Star:
      He and the sturdy, 10-piece E-Street "arkestra" came out in full to-the-cheap-seats anthem mode, braying "Badlands" and a nicely kickin' "No Surrender" we got Max Weinberg behind the drum kit, not fill-in son Jay as on some dates, and it showed to the rafters with passably youthful gusto, if not quite the faultless higher-register pipes the Springsteen of 20 years ago could pull off.
  4. astro *
    • 2009 May 8, Peter Howell, “Star Trek's smooth landing”, Toronto Star:
      The script, by Transformers scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, is larded with constant time travel (I lost track of the dates), planet-sucking black holes (caused by a scarlet goo risibly called "red matter"), weird grudges that seem to last millennia and other astro inanity.
  5. boston *
    • 2009 May 8, Susan Sampson, “Thai-style beef salad”, Toronto Star:
      1 head boston lettuce, leaves torn into pieces
  6. overpackaged
  7. renaturalizing
    • 2009 May 8, Christopher Hume, “Breathing new life into Don River”, Toronto Star:
      As much as anything, renaturalizing the mouth of the Don will be one of the most effective means of dealing with such a possibility.
  8. restructures *
    • 2009 May 8, “Quebec court approves pension financing plan”, Toronto Star:
      AbitibiBowater Inc., North America's biggest newsprint maker, won approval from Quebec courts for a plan to raise $100 million (U.S.) in new financing and end some pension payments as it restructures in bankruptcy protection.
  9. scrofa *
  10. superpriority
  11. tomake
  12. wristing
    • 2009 May 8, Rosie DiManno, “Blackhawks are fit to be tied”, Toronto Star:
      Tying goal: Less than three minutes left to play in regulation time, Martin Havlat seizing on a loose puck at the mid-boards, looping into the slot and wristing the puck past Roberto Luongo.