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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-05-14 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-22).

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  1. alpheid
    • 2009 May 14, Noor Javed, “Back from the dead, warts and all”, Toronto Star:
      Artist Melinda Barnadas was tasked with making an alpheid shrimp for the coral-reef display, but the museum didn't have the right specimen on hand.
  2. erefused
  3. floodtide
    • 2009 May 14, Olivia Ward, “High food prices pushing world to tipping point”, Toronto Star:
      Right now that means feeding a floodtide of malnourished refugees from Pakistan's Swat Valley conflict, Somalia's drought-and-war battered millions, and Zimbabweans trying to survive the wreckage of their country at the hands of President Robert Mugabe.
  4. giftshop
    • 2009 May 14, Caroline Mallan, “Mad, merry old England”, Toronto Star:
      Henderson tells his assembled tasters, as he sports his pudding-themed silk tie (available in the giftshop for true diehards).
  5. greyfield
  6. lefthander
    • 2009 May 14, Richard Griffin, “Ryan's run in Toronto closing”, Toronto Star:
      Ricciardi indicated last night he had spoken to Ryan on Tuesday about returning to the roster, likely on the weekend, and the big lefthander was on board with his new role.
  7. livingdavid
  8. megaclub
    • 2009 May 14, “Only in Toronto”, Toronto Star:
      The area's dramatic megaclub, Circa, is a destination in itself.
  9. nerdishly
  10. nonstimulant
    • 2009 May 14, Malena Harbers, Toronto Star[1]:
      Cheat 'n Eat: A starch blocker is a nonstimulant, 100 per cent natural nutritional supplement derived from the white kidney bean.
  11. papier *
    • 2009 May 14, Noor Javed, “Back from the dead, warts and all”, Toronto Star:
      The skeleton was constructed out of plywood and wire, and the body right down to the warts was sculpted from papier mch.
  12. scaledown
    • '2009 May 14, Cassandra Szklarski, “Television networks tone down glitz”, Toronto Star:
      CBC's scaledown actually began last year, when The Hours George Stroumboulopoulos hosted a fall launch with guests that included Natalie Dormer from The Tudors, the cast of Little Mosque on the Prairie and comic Rick Mercer.
  13. striploin
  14. swingingest
    • 2009 May 14, “Critics' choice”, Toronto Star:
      One of the city's swingingest small ensembles performs at The Pilot's Jazz Saturdays.
  15. symbologist
    • 2009 May 14, Peter Howell, “Angels & Demons: Commits cardinal sin of tedium”, Toronto Star:
      Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, first seen in Howard's earlier The Da Vinci Code (both films are based on bestselling Dan Brown novels), is the butter knife of action blades, the kind of guy James Bond or Jason Bourne would clock before the end of the first reel.
  16. tatin *
    • 2009 May 14, Caroline Mallan, “Mad, merry old England”, Toronto Star:
      The Pudding Club began life in 1985 as a local event aimed at resurrecting some of the old-fashioned steamed pudding recipes that had fallen by the wayside amid nouvelle cuisine that brought tarte tatin from Europe and upstart cheesecake la New York, effectively squeezing traditional British fare such as sticky toffee pudding off the menu.
  17. trophyless
  18. wayfinder
    • 2009 May 14, “Only in Toronto”, Toronto Star:
      The pair also appreciate the CN Tower as a wayfinder: "You always know where you are," says Karin.