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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-07-03 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-22).

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  1. dumpsites
    • 2009 July 3, “Fault lies with city and unions”, Toronto Star:
      The unions in general and pickets at specific sites are acting like bullies, holding the residents of this city hostage, in some cases refusing access to temporary dumpsites.
  2. experiements
    • 2009 July 3, Linda Barnard, “Movie fans can 'fly' along with Harry Potter”, Toronto Star:
      Guy Marcoux, marketing director for Montreal's D-Box Technologies Inc. says it's not a theme park ride, nor are the seats like the 1970s experiements with moving seats, dubbed Sensurround.
  3. gluteals
    • 2009 July 3, Toronto Star[1]:
      Then, build strength wisely: First, add 30 days of every-other-day strength training for your core muscles (including not just abs and back, but also gluteals, quadriceps and hamstrings, plus shoulder rotators).
  4. havelanguished
    • 2009 July 3, Phil Booth, “Horoscopes for Friday, July 3”, Toronto Star:
      You are about to discover strong leadership qualities that havelanguished unused and unrecognized.
  5. kindredness
    • 2009 July 3, Jim Coyle, “New leaders should reflect on their roots”, Toronto Star:
      Plainly, this use of ancestry claims for themselves the hard lessons of the immigrant experience, the virtues of newcomers made good, and a potential kindredness with the vote-rich Ontario suburbs, home to more recent arrivals from other parts of the world.
  6. klaskaris
    • 2009 July 3, “9 quotes about racism”, Toronto Star:
      {lt}/semibold?, native spokesperson, My Heart Soars (1974){lt}137,2009/7/2/13/54/46,klaskaris?v{lt}137?
  7. meditationdaily
  8. popebenedictxvi
    • 2009 July 3, Stuart Laidlaw, “`Popes' less papal and more full of it”, Toronto Star:
      Some, such as popebenedictxvi, with more than 2,600 followers, are supporters of the Pope who use Twitter to spread the Vatican's word.
  9. rainslicker
    • 2009 July 3, “Kindness, by piggyback”, Toronto Star:
      The construction worker leaned over and the two men got me onto his back, piggyback style, and that sweet man in the yellow rainslicker took me down the street to my destination.
  10. recharacterized
    • 2009 July 3, Kevin McGran, “Business as usual, sort of”, Toronto Star:
      "Glendale believes the alleged loans by Jerry Moyes ... should be properly recharacterized as equity (which) would have a substantial impact on the analysis of expected recoveries to true unsecured creditors," the city said in its legal filing. "
  11. saddies
    • 2009 July 3, Toronto Star[2]:
      In another piece of the study, people watching the saddies also ate more M&Ms.
  12. semibold
    • 2009 July 3, “9 quotes about racism”, Toronto Star:
      {lt}/semibold?, native spokesperson, My Heart Soars (1974){lt}137,2009/7/2/13/54/46,klaskaris?v{lt}137?
  13. soundman
    • 2009 July 3, Ashante Infantry, “Early bird writes songs”, Toronto Star:
      "It's really one of the finest concert halls I've ever experienced," said Bennett, who contributed to the room's design with long-time soundman Tom Young, who worked with Sinatra. "
  14. unlost
    • 2009 July 3, Antonia Zerbisias, “Want your people to thrive? Then help women”, Toronto Star:
      Our Middle East correspondent reported on what is, very simply put, an unlost tribe of Israelites, in the sense that they split from the main branch of Judaism well before Jesus told his parable.