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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-07-19 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-22).

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  1. culturemasters
    • 2009 July 19, Ryan Bigge, “More than skinny jeans”, Toronto Star:
      In attempting to become the next Leave Britney Alone, scores of web amateurs now "come to think about their projects with a hard-nosed sophistication that rivals anything to be found inside the conference rooms of our corporate culturemasters."
  2. dragonseer
    • 2009 July 19, Deirdre Baker, “The dragons are singing tonight”, Toronto Star:
      When she's chosen by the dragons to train as the next "dragonseer," to learn and pass on the lore of her Pictish people, she is freed from drudgery and embraces her new duties with skill and power.
  3. funkateers
    • 2009 July 19, GREG QUILL, “Clinton's funkadelic evolution”, Toronto Star:
      The 68-year-old is perpetually on the road, touring the U.S. and Canada, South America, Japan and Europe with a full contingent of funkateers, and performing for up to five hours a night.
  4. golabki
    • 2009 July 19, Vanessa Gera, “Nun's cooking habit creates publishing hit”, Toronto Star:
      Later books include recipes for Polish classics: hearty casseroles, a cabbage-and-sausage stew called bigos, and golabki, a kind of cabbage roll.
  5. greenfront
    • 2009 July 19, “Watson & Co. feeling the magic”, Toronto Star:
      It sat tenuously on a knob above the greenfront burn, shivering in the wind, and Goggin sprinted (or at least jogged) about 175 yards to mark it quickly before it retreated into trouble.
  6. homebuying
  7. immersethrough
    • 2009 July 19, Patricia Hluchy, “In food-obsessed world, two pilgrims stand apart”, Toronto Star:
      In February, Alford and Duguid launched another project, immersethrough, in which they organized a visit to Chiang Mai and its surroundings for 11 clients, helping them experience local culture through markets, food and plenty of cooking classes.
  8. memeworld
    • 2009 July 19, Ryan Bigge, “More than skinny jeans”, Toronto Star:
      This is fine, as long as one accepts that this is rage on behalf of the memeworld machine.
  9. nanofame
    • 2009 July 19, Ryan Bigge, “More than skinny jeans”, Toronto Star:
      Abundance breeds boredom for the consumer, while would-be viral artists try to attain hit counter "nanofame" by tweaking previous memes, instead of creating less catchy but more long-lasting expressions of culture.
  10. palacio *
  11. rideshare
    • 2009 July 19, Tanis Fowler, “Staycation got you down? Five ways to ditch the city”, Toronto Star:
      Transportation tips: Sign up online for the rideshare program PickupPal. The free service tracks the miles participants have travelled and the amount of carbon emissions collectively reduced.
  12. saludos *
  13. shuddup
    • 2009 July 19, Deirdre Baker, “The dragons are singing tonight”, Toronto Star:
      Vanderwal's tale has the sheer bunkum quality of the improbable boys' adventure stories on which it is founded medieval warriors who say "shuddup"; the iconic advice to "avoid stepping on thin twigs that snap underfoot"; the secret password "I hate haggis."
  14. unbroke
  15. windicator