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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-07-21 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-22).

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  1. ashleytmp
    • 2009 July 21, Jill Serjeant, “Paula Abdul fans mount campaign”, Toronto Star:
      I'll B heartbroken if Paula doesn't come back 2 idol. it won't work without her rainbows&colors," tweeted ashleytmp.
  2. blvrd
    • 2009 July 21, Vinay Menon, “Embracing power of positive stinking”, Toronto Star:
      They even have garbage drop off areas along lake shore blvrd (sic), taking away one lane of the road, not an impressive sight as you enter the city for the first time."
  3. dumpsite
    • 2009 July 21, Vinay Menon, “Embracing power of positive stinking”, Toronto Star:
      Unless you live downwind from a dumpsite, rely on city daycare, work on Centre Island, need a permit, are susceptible to respiratory problems, need to urgently contact a bureaucrat, or have a problem with waiting for no apparent reason to jettison your garbage, this strike is no big deal.
  4. dumpsites
    • 2009 July 21, Vinay Menon, “Embracing power of positive stinking”, Toronto Star:
      The TV in my office is blaring CP24 and a lawyer just said he believes the temporary dumpsites are illegal.
  5. idolizers
  6. inforces
  7. irrelevent
    • 2009 July 21, “Carter reputation unimpeachable”, Toronto Star:
      I don't understand why this phoney history which looks irrelevent today made the first page of Insight.
  8. oilsands
    • 2009 July 21, “Alberta Clipper tacks well”, Toronto Star:
      TheAlberta Clipper project consists of a pipeline, and associated pumping and terminal stations, that will bring oilsands crude from Hardisty in central Alberta to Superior, Wis.
  9. olam
    • 2009 July 21, Stuart Laidlaw, “Scriptures and s'mores at Camp George”, Toronto Star:
      Most basic of all the lessons, says Morag, is the Jewish concept of tikkun olam, or "repairing the world."
  10. slotback
    • 2009 July 21, Daniel Girard, “Hurts so good for young Argo receivers”, Toronto Star:
      So, as the Argos yesterday began practising for a Friday visit to Winnipeg, rookie slotback Mike Bradwell was running patterns with the first-team offence.
  11. trashbin