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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-07-31 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-22).

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  1. allysum
    • 2009 July 31, Sonia Day, “Garden bailout”, Toronto Star:
      Annuals like lobelia, sweet allysum and ageratum (usually so tedious to water all the time) are thriving, too.
  2. boxscores
  3. germaphobic
    • 2009 July 31, Peter Howell, “Funny People and Shrink: Hollywood and vain”, Toronto Star:
      His clientele includes an obnoxious germaphobic talent agent (Dallas Roberts) and a sex-crazed alcoholic Hollywood actor (Robin Williams).
  4. inprove
    • 2009 July 31, Paul Hunter, “Moyes objects to Reinsdorf”, Toronto Star:
      The NHL would consider the concept, which is meant to inprove cash flow for the struggling team, but it wants to keep the franchise based in Arizona and out of the hands of Balsillie.
  5. kate *
    • 2009 July 31, “Studio blames Lefevre for losing role”, Toronto Star:
      "If they cast someone else as Victoria, it is totally gonna mess up the movie," wrote "kate" on the website
  6. kegels
    • 2009 July 31, Vicky Hallett, Toronto Star[1]:
      Same goes for isometric abs (pulling your belly button in and holding), shoulder raises, calf raises and the ultimate stealth strengthener, kegels (those pelvic contractions that ward off incontinence and boost sexual function).
  7. makgeolli
    • 2009 July 31, Kelly Olsen, “North Koreans are lovin' it”, Toronto Star:
      It reported this month that Kim, known for his taste for expensive cognac and sushi, bought five bottles of "makgeolli," a milky Korean liquor, and other drinks at the convenience store in Pyongyang.
  8. mirthsters
    • 2009 July 31, Peter Howell, “A Canuck comedy lab”, Toronto Star:
      He's hoping to convince some of those big names who have left Canada yes, guys like Carrey and Myers to sign on to help train the next generation of maple film mirthsters.
  9. monterey
  10. nonratification
    • 2009 July 31, Royson James, “The method in Miller's meltdown”, Toronto Star:
      And how inconceivable that council's majority would not see nonratification for the black eye it would be.
  11. oilsands
    • 2009 July 31, “Big skid for Big Oil profits”, Toronto Star:
      Imperial owns 25 per cent of Syncrude Canada Ltd., the world's largest oilsands producer.
  12. parfum *
    • 2009 July 31, Francine Kopun, “Feeling old? Hold your nose and spend $98”, Toronto Star:
      The perfume sells for $98 a bottle at the Bay, and Harvey Prince founder Kumar Ramani, 50, has been so encouraged by its success that he's launching an eau de parfum women can slip into their purses.
  13. preem
    • 2009 July 31, Peter Howell, “TIFF lands Reitman-Clooney film”, Toronto Star:
      There's another world preem in the Special Presentations department: Dagur Kri's The Good Heart from Iceland, reuniting L.I.E. co-stars Paul Dano and Brian Cox in the story of a bartender and his apprentice whose business plans are interrupted by a drunken stewardess.
  14. resocialized
    • 2009 July 31, “Dog to have day in court”, Toronto Star:
      He was removed from the home and taken to the humane society's animal shelter, where he was nursed back to health and resocialized.
  15. rudbeckias
    • 2009 July 31, Sonia Day, “Garden bailout”, Toronto Star:
      It's proving a fantastic year for perennials such as shasta daisies, rudbeckias and sweet Williams.
  16. shasta
    • 2009 July 31, Sonia Day, “Garden bailout”, Toronto Star:
      It's proving a fantastic year for perennials such as shasta daisies, rudbeckias and sweet Williams.
  17. soggies
    • 2009 July 31, Sonia Day, “Garden bailout”, Toronto Star:
      However, here are a few tips on coping with this admittedly annoying (and seemingly endless) attack of the soggies:
  18. sophistications
    • 2009 July 31, Bruce DeMara, “Low budget, big potential”, Toronto Star:
      "I think what we try to set up is the balance between those qualities in him which are simple and you might say child-like, the guilelessness, the open, absolutely unembarrassed enthusiasms that he has and contrast that with the surprising sophistications that he has," Dancy said.
  19. thundery
    • 2009 July 31, Sonia Day, “Garden bailout”, Toronto Star:
      It's always important to keep air circulating around plants (most of us jam far too many plants in) and doubly so during wet, thundery spells.
  20. undie