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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-08-05 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-22).

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49974 tokens ‧ 36526 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 6289 types ‧ 17 (~ 0.27%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. bushelful
    • 2009 August 5, Catherine Porter, “Urban park sprouts a city farm”, Toronto Star:
      While the radishes are popping up by the bushelful, the farmers still have to find steady customers.
  2. cheapish
    • 2009 August 5, Dave Perkins, “Blue Jays hanging Halladay out to dry”, Toronto Star:
      Before the Yankee long balls arrived coincidentally after catcher Rod Barajas was pinch-run for and replaced behind the plate by Raul Chavez Halladay was doing another impression of a guy you really don't want to trade, nicked only for two cheapish runs in the first inning, with his own defence part of it.
  3. choys
    • 2009 August 4, Susan Sampson, “A feast of local food in Stratford”, Toronto Star:
      Craig McGrath arrives cold, with mammoth green cabbages and bok choys pretty enough for a still life.
  4. ferronickel
    • 2009 August 5, “Xstrata says net profit drops by 77 per cent”, Toronto Star:
      Thermal coal, mined nickel, zinc and copper held up better, somewhat offsetting closures of unprofitable, high-cost operations and lower demand for ferrochrome, ferronickel and coking coal.
  5. heixin
    • 2009 August 5, Ellen Roseman, “Irresistible offers not always greatest bargains”, Toronto Star:
      Substandard and fake goods are so common in China that they have an expression heixin, roughly translated as "black heart" to describe those who make, sell or profit from them.
  6. ingredientshave
    • 2009 August 4, Susan Sampson, “A feast of local food in Stratford”, Toronto Star:
      Chef/owner Janet Ashworth has lined the walls with chalkboards listing what nearby farms supplied her ingredientshave come from.
  7. nnay
    • 2009 August 5, Gord Stimmell, “Sippin' on the dock of the bay”, Toronto Star:
      And in the 1,500 mL big bottle sweepstakes, my best value pick is Gray Fox 2007 Chardo nnay (#107193, $14.95, 88) with its mellow pineapple, apple spice and lemon tart flavours.
  8. nonparticipation
    • 2009 August 5, John Spears, “Pact ensures city ignores wrongdoing by strikers”, Toronto Star:
      The agreement signed by the city and the union says both sides agree to take no action against any person "because of such person's participation or nonparticipation in the strike or his strike-related activity."
  9. rsituation
  10. saltlicks
    • 2009 August 5, “Worth a trip to Alaska Highway”, Toronto Star:
      But they spend, it appeared to me, a long time licking the road, presumably for the minerals in the tarmacadam, rather like the saltlicks in the East African savannah.
  11. slaws
  12. spearminty
    • 2009 August 4, Susan Sampson, “A feast of local food in Stratford”, Toronto Star:
      She offers workshops (about an hour long and $25 to $30 per person), draws up tea menus for restaurants and creates blends (including the spearminty herbal tea served iced at the Stratford visitors centre).
  13. tosniff
  14. ultracautious
    • 2009 August 5, Dana Flavelle, “Maple Leaf recall done by the book”, Toronto Star:
      "After last August's tragedy, Maple Leaf is being ultracautious about listeria," the company's chief food safety officer Randall Huffman said, referring to the deaths of 22 people linked to a listeriosis outbreak at a Maple Leaf luncheon meat plant in Toronto last summer.
  15. unaswerable
    • 2009 August 5, “Story shows power of one citizen”, Toronto Star:
      It is one of those unaswerable questions that is worth pondering, since many of the vulnerable people we love the elderly, disabled, homeless and all those who are marginalized rely on the hospitality of others in their community as well as wanting others to receive their gift of hospitality.
  16. wayeasy
  17. wingwoman
    • 2009 August 5, Leanne Italie, Toronto Star[1]:
      to be her wingwoman, point-person, go-to resource?