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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-08-09 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-08-22).

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41472 tokens ‧ 30362 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 5791 types ‧ 13 (~ 0.224%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. banksassumes
  2. ewww *
  3. googleproof
  4. kronors
    • 2009 August 9, Jack Batten, “Larsson's second more like it”, Toronto Star:
      She paid for the apartment with some of the several billions in kronors she stole with adroit computer hacking.
  5. layziness
    • 2009 August 9, Malene Arpe, “Pop goes the week”, Toronto Star:
      Wed worry more about the layziness Is 'asks even a word?
  6. nanomites
    • 2009 August 7, Peter Howell, “G.I. Joe: Two hours wasted”, Toronto Star:
      The first involves Scots weapons expert James McCullen (Christopher Eccleston) who has created a green goo called "nanomites" that can dissolve people, buildings and the entire world, should McCullen get excessively ambitious.
  7. ralphinjersey
    • 2009 August 9, Susan Dominus, “Making sense of a mother's drunken crash”, Toronto Star:
      Consider this comment from a blog on, signed ralphinjersey: "I've been with my current wife for nine years and sober just a little over six and she still swears she never saw me drunk."
  8. rumouredly
    • 2009 August 9, Malene Arpe, “Pop goes the week”, Toronto Star:
      Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee are rumouredly back together Says Ryan O'Neal, "You know, it's funny.
  9. russia *
    • 2009 2009-08-22, Toronto Star[1]:
      Acts of Kindness More news 'Helicopter dropped like a rock' Summer of '74 a dark time for our peacekeepers Beauty and the beasts Pakistan Taliban deputy shot dead, officials say russia The lost city Making sense of a mother's drunken crash Hot button: U.S. journalists freed in North Korea Bali bomber believed killed 3 arrested in YouTube duck killings Recent special sections HDTV Digital Photo Do It!
  10. subprimes
  11. tanjola
    • 2009 August 9, Nick Krewen, “Young singer's rise means it's Justin time”, Toronto Star:
      "I think Twitter has allowed the average fan to feel like they're hanging out with the artist," says Daniel Mekinda, whose Toronto firm tanjola manages the career of Universal recording artist Shiloh.
  12. washdays
    • 2009 August 9, Patricia Robertson, “A child of the grasslands”, Toronto Star:
      Peggy's agonizing Monday household routine sums up life married to an alcoholic: "On washdays, though, I knew better than to complain about anything, even an upset stomach or a cold coming on.
  13. zzzzzz