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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-09-26 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-09-26).

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  1. appassimento *
  2. breakwall
    • 2009 September 26, Gary May, Toronto Star[1]:
      Belle River: Four-bedroom, three-bath, two gas fireplaces, hardwood and stone floors, steel breakwall and beach, $499,900.
  3. chastizes
    • 2009 September 26, “Don't blame the Ponzi victims”, Toronto Star:
      Lynne Catterson openly chastizes Ponzi victims for their "stupidity" and "greed" even though they're not the ones who broke the law.
  4. communty
    • 2009 September 26, “More views on early education”, Toronto Star:
      This is mainly because the childcare communty has refused to trade the ratios for increased wages.
  5. dormered
    • 2009 September 26, Toronto Star[2]:
      Upstairs, each bedroom with its sloped ceilings and dormered windows is romantic and intimate.
  6. escuchame *
    • 2009 September 26, John Goddard, “She ain't heavy, she's our singer”, Toronto Star:
      Constantly on the move, taking odd jobs and losing her centre, she had the underside of her right wrist tattooed with "escuchame," Spanish for "listen to me."
  7. fortheir
    • 2009 September 26, Sarah Barmak, “Wanted: closet singers, ice shavers”, Toronto Star:
      Donovan explains that the trio regularly gets offers of help fortheir experimental cooking show, Food Jammers, which sees them making soup inside bathtubs and airbrushed cars out of cake.
  8. glamourize
    • 2009 September 26, Jennifer Bain, “At home on the range”, Toronto Star:
      Chefs glamourize bison steaks, ribs and burgers.
  9. grigios
  10. implemetnation
    • 2009 September 26, “More views on early education”, Toronto Star:
      Adding costs that delay the implemetnation of the plan across Ontario is also shameful.
  11. inquisitory
    • 2009 September 26, Cathal Kelly, “Saved by Sarah Polley”, Toronto Star:
      By the clock, this inquisitory cul-de-sac continues for 42 excruciating seconds.
  12. jeaopardize
    • 2009 September 26, “More views on early education”, Toronto Star:
      The addition of ECEs into kindergarten classrooms would enhance the learning process not jeaopardize it.
  13. kashmiri
    • 2009 September 26, Jennifer Bain, “At home on the range”, Toronto Star:
      My guiltiest pleasure: ordering kashmiri chai ($36.57 for 250 grams) over the Internet from the Tea Emporium in Toronto.
  14. mallrat
    • 2009 September 26, John Sakamoto, “The Anti-Hit List”, Toronto Star:
      This good-natured mash-up of the former's brooding "Sex on Fire" and the latter's mallrat anthem "Complicated" goes a long way toward demystifying the Kings of Leon's oeuvre without denigrating Avril's.
  15. masterers
  16. mediatized
    • 2009 September 26, Michael Crabb, “Chapel/Chapter (2006)”, Toronto Star:
      Chapel/Chapter has victims – murdered in their homes or on the battlefield – but Jones' concern is investigative, in asking how these tragic, horrific events have been "mediatized" into news bites, leaving us potentially incapable of absorbing their profound, existential reality.
  17. octodogs
    • 2009 September 26, Jennifer Bain, “At home on the range”, Toronto Star:
      Eating octodogs (hot dogs snipped to resemble octopus) at Isla's 3rd birthday party.
  18. oelek
  19. ojectives
    • 2009 September 26, “More views on Afghan mission”, Toronto Star:
      Instead of articulating a well-balanced analysis of the ojectives (if any) and reasons for Canada's involvement in the Afghan war, she continues to beat the war drums every chance she gets.
  20. outrightly
    • 2009 September 26, “Boycotting Ahmadinejad speech”, Toronto Star:
      If you think otherwise, how would you feel about our leaders if they outrightly denied that the Bosnian massacre of Muslims ever took place?
  21. papier *
    • 2009 September 26, Ellen Moorhouse, Toronto Star[3]:
      She coats the containers with papier mache and gesso.
  22. precancer
    • 2009 September 26, Toronto Star[4]:
      Others call it a precancer.
  23. quidditch *
    • 2009 September 26, Kristin Rushowy, Toronto Star[5]:
      Just like in the books, the kids are sorted into groups – Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin – and discuss the series' characters and plots and play games inspired by the novels, such as spell casting, protect-a-muggle, as well as a more human-friendly version of quidditch.
  24. racetracker
  25. racetrackers
    • 2009 September 26, Dave Perkins, “Bigliardi turns out lights on a T.O. sports tradition”, Toronto Star:
      This kind of story, pound for pound, seems more prevalent among racetrackers than any other demographic and it's at the racetrack, apart from the floor of his Church Street eatery, where Bigliardi feels the most at home.
  26. scarflike
    • 2009 September 26, Ellen Moorhouse, Toronto Star[6]:
      The result is a lively, versatile scarflike rope that can be looped around the neck.
  27. securityholder
  28. sequelled
    • 2009 September 26, rob Salem, “Dexter's a daddy, Lithgow's a baddie, but deadly secrets remain”, Toronto Star:
      Based on the novel, since sequelled thrice, by Jeff Lindsay, Dexter must have seemed an even more unlikely premise than the blood-spattered family saga of The Sopranos, or for that matter, the funereally funny Six Feet Under, from which sprang its star, the deceptively boyish Hall.
  29. showhome
    • 2009 September 26, Toronto Star[7]:
      The showhome is at 1306 Cambridge Dr. (from Lakeshore, turn north on Cairncroft Rd. and east on Cambridge Dr.) in east Oakville, and is open for viewing weekdays 1 p.m. to 8 p.m., and weekends and holidays, noon to 5 p.m.
  30. snowbirding
    • 2009 September 26, Ellen Moorhouse, Toronto Star[8]:
      Early in the week, she had her people out on the dining table in the generous uptown Toronto apartment where she and her husband, Irv, hang their hats when not enjoying their cottage or snowbirding in Florida.
  31. striploins
    • 2009 September 26, “'Shrooms + Steaks”, Toronto Star:
      Four bison steaks (such as rib-eye, striploins), preferably 1-inch thick, about 1 to 2 lb (500 g to 1 kg) total
  32. tempranillo
  33. thoughful
  34. tonkotsu
  35. unfollow
    • 2009 September 26, Chris Sorensen, “Facebook Twittering away its chances”, Toronto Star:
      The challenge for companies eager to cash in on the service is finding a way to reach customers without compelling them to reach for the channel changer, or, in Twitter's case, the "unfollow" button.
  36. vanillabean
  37. warless
    • 2009 September 26, “A bleeding heart and proud of it”, Toronto Star:
      "The pioneers of a warless world," Albert Einstein said, "are the young men and women who refuse military service."
  38. wellish
    • 2009 September 26, Toronto Star[9]:
      Okay, wellish.