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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-09-28 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-09-28).

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35512 tokens ‧ 11 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 11 types ‧ 10 (~ 90.909%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. amautik
    • 2009 September 28, Paul Watson, “The high cost of nourishing the North”, Toronto Star:
      The next day, anxious for a break from exorbitant prices, Leah Neeveacheak bundled her 1-year-old niece, Nancy, into a traditional amautik (hooded parka), and walked through the biting cold to the Northern grocery store.
  2. annees
    • 2009 September 28, “Ooh la la! French siren turns 75”, Toronto Star:
      A retrospective exhibit, "Brigitte Bardot, les annees insouciance," near Paris, celebrates the era-defining career of a woman who seemed to be a force of nature.
  3. anthony
  4. beatifiction
    • 2009 September 28, Richard Ouzounian, “Thank heavens for fake boy band Altar Boyz”, Toronto Star:
      It may have taken five years for this off-Broadway hit to surface in Toronto, but it finally has, in a production worthy of beatifiction, if not outright canonization.
  5. competiveness
    • 2009 September 28, Ashante Infantry, “Acoustic reunion for jazz greats”, Toronto Star:
      The sold-out crowd would have much more to chuckle about throughout the 90-minute set: Corea theatrically fussing with sheet music, limbering up and changing his eyeglasses; all three whispering, trading hand signals and high fives, or urging each other on with mock competiveness.
  6. equiment
    • 2009 September 28, “Electric car maker Zenn shifts gears”, Toronto Star:
      "We want to partner with all OEMs (original equiment manufacturers) so that consumers can drive a variety of electric vehicles across numerous automotive brands with one common denominator–they are all powered by Zennergy."
  7. investee
    • 2009 September 28, Susan Down, “Business/article/701833 Investment Angels”, Toronto Star:
      Every month the group holds a breakfast where members listen to three presentations from prospective investee companies.
  8. sealift
    • 2009 September 28, Paul Watson, “The high cost of nourishing the North”, Toronto Star:
      "So there's a lot of preparation that we do as a sealift provider that we feel could be done better with help from the local governments."
  9. showsabout
    • 2009 September 28, Kevin McGran, “Viktor Stalberg proves he's ready”, Toronto Star:
      Wilson might want to check in with Leaf fans on the call-in showsabout that Toskala statement after he allowed seven goals on 24 shots.
  10. yenstead
    • 2009 September 28, Frances D'Emilio, “Silvio Berlusconi's newest shot at 'black' humour”, Toronto Star:
      The photos show Berlusconi's gazing at Mrs. Obama's gown, in yenstead of her face, and holding his arms out as if in delight at what he sees, while the U.S. president looks on, apparently not amused.