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This is a list of lowercase non-hyphenated single words found in the 2009-10-06 issue of the Toronto Star which did not have English entries in the English Wiktionary when this list was created (2009-10-06).

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44092 tokens ‧ 12 valid lowercase tokens ‧ 12 types ‧ 8 (~ 66.667%) words before cleaning ‧ 


  1. cschoolchildren
    • 2009 October 6, “DVD REVIEWS”, Toronto Star:
      You will find pleasure in the sly musical shifts that accompany The Angel (beautifully sung by Camilla Tilling), the birds (a gaggle of young cschoolchildren) and the chorus (the excellent ensemble of the Netherlands Opera).
  2. gourmania
    • 2009 October 6, Amy Pataki, “Foodies mourning Gourmet”, Toronto Star:
      Writer Judith Moore remembers "gourmania" sweeping her Oregon college town in the 1970s as adventurous gourmets strove to outdo each other with Greek or Provençal menus, complete with home-butchered rabbit.
  3. homefield
    • 2009 October 6, Jon Krawczynski, “It's déjà vu for Twins, this time at home dome”, Toronto Star:
      One year after losing a 1-0 heartbreaker in Chicago to the White Sox in a one-game playoff, the Twins will get the homefield advantage this time around as they look to cap their remarkable September rally.
  4. repros
    • 2009 October 6, “DVD REVIEWS”, Toronto Star:
      Is it necessary to have the hours of supplementary material, including two early silent Oz films, repros of archival booklets and press materials and historical backgrounders?
  5. seasonless
  6. unpardoned
    • 2009 October 6, “Official inertia at Queen's Park”, Toronto Star:
      These investigations have covered not just criminal record checks (required by the Juries Act, which says anyone with an unpardoned indictable criminal conviction is ineligible to serve) but also other personal information (such as whether the persons have been a witness, victim, or complainant in a crime).
  7. unretire
    • 2009 October 6, DAVE CAMPBELL, “Fab Favre stuffs Packers”, Toronto Star:
      Favre was clearly uncomfortable this week with all the attention on this reunion, trying to downplay the significance and stumbling through denials that his main motivation to unretire last year was revenge on general manager Ted Thompson for not letting him come back and compete for his old job with Rodgers.
  8. wingettes
    • 2009 October 6, Susan Sampson, “Microbrew wings”, Toronto Star:
      2 lb (900 g) trimmed, halved wings (about 25 wingettes and drumettes)