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I formerly went by Astral on Wiktionary, but changed my username to Cloudcuckoolander in May 2013.



When I checked your contributions I immediately noticed you had created entries for many citation pages. However some of those citation pages contain news references. Are news references such as the BBC considered acceptable as a source on wiktionary?

It would depend on whether the news source in question was considered to meet the "durably archived" requirement of WT:CFI. In general, "durably archived" is interpreted to include things published in physical formats (books, magazines, newspapers, films, etc.), and to exclude things published in digital formats (excepting Usenet posts for some reason). So, basically, a segment from a BBC News television broadcast would be considered acceptable under the presumption that a copy of it is stored on tape in the BBC's archives, but an article published on the BBC News website generally wouldn't. Same would go for CNN. It's also accepted practice to cite articles on the websites of newspapers and magazines that exist in a physical print format, e.g. The New York Times, The Guardian, etc. I hope this helps answer your question. -Cloudcuckoolander (talk) 07:00, 15 January 2015 (UTC)