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Thanks for putting in schlep!

A couple of points about formatting.

  • Don't wikify common terms like "noun" and "verb". Generally only words which are key to a definition and might not be familiar should be wikified.
  • When providing examples, just put them under the definition for the given sense, by starting the line with "#:" and surrounding the example by '' marks. Many existing entries have examples.
  • A quotation should be a published quotation with author, date and as much other information as is available. Quotations get their own section. See rather for an overdone example. A simple example to illustrate usage should be handled as above.
  • Be sure to start an (English) article with the section marker ==English==. This allows us to include other languages as well.

Again, thanks for the contribution. Keep 'em coming -dmh 19:37, 17 Dec 2004 (UTC)