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This page lists all script codes that are recognised by Wiktionary. The contents of this page is generated directly from Module:scripts/data, and any changes to that module will be automatically reflected on this page, once the software refreshes it.

To find a script code quickly, add the code to your URL as a section link. For example, Wiktionary:List of scripts#Latn will link directly to Latin script.

See also Wiktionary:List of languages and Wiktionary:List of families.

If you are running a bot or other automation tool which needs to access Wiktionary data, see Module:JSON data.

All scripts[edit]

Code Canonical name Other names Autodetection Languages
None No script specified   6056
Afak Afaka   1
Aghb Caucasian Albanian   Yes 1
Arab Arabic Jawi Yes 50
fa-Arab Arabic Perso-Arabic Yes 23
kk-Arab Arabic   Yes 1
ks-Arab Arabic   Yes 1
ku-Arab Arabic   Yes 3
mzn-Arab Arabic   Yes 1
ota-Arab Arabic   Yes 1
pa-Arab Arabic Shahmukhi Yes 1
ps-Arab Arabic   Yes 2
sd-Arab Arabic   Yes 1
tt-Arab Arabic   Yes 1
ug-Arab Arabic   Yes 1
ur-Arab Arabic   Yes 3
Armi Imperial Aramaic   Yes 1
Armn Armenian   Yes 6
Avst Avestan   Yes 2
Bali Balinese   Yes 1
Bamu Bamum   Yes 1
Bass Bassa Bassa Vah, Vah Yes 1
Batk Batak   Yes 7
Beng Bengali   Yes 9
Bopo Zhuyin Zhuyin Fuhao, Bopomofo Yes 1
Brah Brahmi   Yes 3
Brai Braille   Yes 1
Bugi Buginese   Yes 2
Buhd Buhid   Yes 1
Cakm Chakma   Yes 1
Cans Canadian syllabics   Yes 6
Cari Carian   Yes 1
CGK Korean   1
Cham Cham   Yes 1
Cher Cherokee   Yes 1
Copt Coptic   Yes 1
Cprt Cypriot   Yes 2
Cyrl Cyrillic   Yes 107
Cyrs Old Cyrillic   Yes 2
Deva Devanagari   Yes 24
Dsrt Deseret   Yes 1
Dupl Duployan   Yes 1
Egyd Demotic   1
Egyp Egyptian hieroglyphic   Yes 2
Elba Elbasan   Yes 1
Ethi Ethiopic Ge'ez Yes 12
Geok Nuskhuri Khutsuri, Asomtavruli Yes 1
Geor Georgian Mkhedruli Yes 7
Glag Glagolitic   Yes 1
Goth Gothic   Yes 1
Gran Grantha   Yes 1
Grek Greek   Yes 8
Gujr Gujarati   Yes 4
Guru Gurmukhi   Yes 2
Hang Hangul   Yes 1
Hani Han Hanzi, Chu Nom Yes 23
Hano Hanunoo   Yes 1
Hans Simplified Han   Yes 1
Hant Traditional Han   Yes 1
Hebr Hebrew   Yes 21
Hira Hiragana   Yes 1
Hmng Hmong Pahawh Hmong Yes 2
Ibrn Iberian   1
Inds Indus Harappan, Indus Valley 1
IPAchar International Phonetic Alphabet   1
Ital Old Italic   Yes 8
Java Javanese   Yes 1
Jpan Japanese   Yes 3
Jurc Jurchen   1
Kali Kayah Li   Yes 1
Kana Katakana   Yes 4
Khar Kharoshthi   Yes 1
Khmr Khmer   Yes 3
Knda Kannada   Yes 4
Kore Korean   Yes 2
Kthi Kaithi   Yes 1
Lana Lanna   1
Laoo Lao   Yes 2
Latf Fraktur Blackletter Yes 1
Latinx Latin   Yes 83
Latn Latin Roman, Rumi, Romaji, Rōmaji Yes 1282
nv-Latn Latin   Yes 1
pjt-Latn Latin   Yes 1
Lepc Lepcha   Yes 1
Limb Limbu   Yes 1
Lina Linear A   Yes 1
Linb Linear B   Yes 1
Lisu Lisu Fraser Yes 1
Lyci Lycian   Yes 1
Lydi Lydian   Yes 1
Mand Mandaic   Yes 2
Mani Manichaean   Yes 3
Maya Maya Maya hieroglyphic, Mayan, Mayan hieroglyphic 1
Mend Mende Mende Kikakui Yes 1
Merc Meroitic cursive   Yes 1
Mero Meroitic hieroglyphic   Yes 2
Mlym Malayalam   Yes 3
Mong Mongolian   Yes 4
Mtei Meitei Mayek   Yes 1
musical musical notation   Yes 1
Mymr Burmese   Yes 6
Nbat Nabataean Nabatean Yes 1
Nkoo N'Ko   Yes 2
Ogam Ogham   Yes 2
Olck Ol Chiki   Yes 1
Orkh Orkhon runes   Yes 2
Orya Oriya   Yes 4
Osma Osmanya   Yes 1
Palm Palmyrene   Yes 1
Phag Phags-pa   Yes 1
Phli Inscriptional Pahlavi   Yes 1
Phlp Psalter Pahlavi   Yes 1
Phlv Book Pahlavi   1
Phnx Phoenician   Yes 5
Plrd Pollard   Yes 4
polytonic Greek   Yes 4
Prti Parthian   Yes 1
Rjng Rejang   Yes 1
Ruminumerals Rumi numerals   Yes 1
Runr Runic   Yes 3
Samr Samaritan   Yes 2
Sarb Old South Arabian   Yes 1
Saur Saurashtra   Yes 1
Sgnw SignWriting   4
Shaw Shavian   Yes 1
Shrd Sharada   Yes 1
Sinh Sinhalese   Yes 3
Sora Sorang Sompeng Sora Sompeng Yes 1
Sund Sundanese   Yes 1
Sylo Syloti Nagri Sylheti Nagari 1
Syrc Syriac   Yes 6
Tagb Tagbanwa   Yes 2
Takr Takri   Yes 1
Tale Tai Le   Yes 1
Talu New Tai Lue   Yes 1
Taml Tamil   Yes 4
Tang Tangut   1
Tavt Tai Viet   Yes 1
Telu Telugu   Yes 4
Teng Tengwar   3
Tfng Tifinagh   Yes 2
Tglg Tagalog   Yes 1
Thaa Thaana   Yes 1
Thai Thai   Yes 7
Tibt Tibetan   Yes 6
xzh-Tibt Zhang-Zhung   0
Ugar Ugaritic   Yes 1
Vaii Vai   Yes 1
Xpeo Old Persian   Yes 1
Xsux Cuneiform Sumero-Akkadian Cuneiform Yes 10
Yiii Yi   Yes 1
Zmth mathematical notation   Yes 1
Zsym symbol   Yes 1
Zyyy undetermined   3
Zzzz uncoded   1